To function and offer qualitative content, Google uses a complex algorithm that is constantly evolving. This tool uses more than 200 criteria to highlight one site over another. If some of these criteria are not very important, others have a Malaysia Email List real influence in your improvement of the SEO of your site. But if you really want to boost your SEO, you are going to have to apply a certain strategy to your site. Today, let’s focus on the 10 levers to put in place to boost your SEO.  Google Search Console is a free tool that analyzes many parameters to boost your SEO .

Among these elements, we find: The analysis of the search traffic allowing you to know which keyword helped the Internet user to find your site The list of all the backlinks pointing to your site Identifying internal links to improve your networking The ability to send one or more sitemaps, which allows Google to understand the architecture of your site. By working on these different points, you will quickly be able to boost your SEO . Making the best use of Google Search Console is an important action to quickly implement in your SEO strategy.  The keywords will also be very important to boost the SEO of your site .

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Mastering Google Search Console

Indeed, these expressions must be relevant enough to be able to attract as many visitors as possible. The keywords should be defined according to your activity . Be careful not to choose your expressions too general, but try to target your niche as precisely as possible . Choosing your keywords is a bit like putting yourself in your reader’s shoes . Indeed, you will have to think like them to choose your expressions. Fortunately, there are many tools on the Internet that can help you with your research . Structure your pages To be correctly read by Google robots, the pages of your site must have a precise structure .

Thus, you will have to write your articles or your pages in such a way as to find: A title One or more H2 tags Some internal links to work on the mesh of your site Images to make your article easier to read The whole should be spread over a minimum of 400 words and up to 2000 words to facilitate indexing by Google (depending on the competition on the keyword). Also, focus on easy-to-read content to make it easier for your audience to understand. Not everyone is an expert in your field  ! Don’t overlook the importance of backlinks Google will index your site more easily if it contains backlinks . These inbound links are meant to supplement your article by sending the reader to a third party site. However, the target site will have to be of high quality for the backlink to be really useful.

Choose impactful keywords to boost your SEO

To obtain them, you can go through social networks, establish a partnership with another site on the same theme or take advantage of a paid affiliation . backlinks Work on your semantic cocoon helps boost your SEO The semantic cocoon gives your site a new dimension . By developing the articles already produced, Google robots will more easily recognize your quality as an expert . The principle ? Develop an expression present in an article and create a post dedicated to it . Thus, you participate in the internal networking of your site , you provide more specialized articles to it and Google quickly identifies you as an expert in your field . Developing its semantic cocoon is a point that must absolutely be worked on in your web space . Secure your site To protect your site from attacks, it is a good idea to install several security measures .

On WordPress, you have many plug-ins to effectively secure your web space. But to defend the latter correctly, a simple step is necessary: the application of the HTTPS standard . Additionally, if your site contains sensitive data like customer emails or credit card transactions, an HTTPS connection is essential . Here again, the Google robot tends to highlight secure sites rather than those which are not . Optimize it for mobile browsing The majority of correctly placed sites in Google are 100% compatible with smartphone navigation . Indeed, the democratization of laptops has meant that Google also includes this data in its indexing criteria . With tools like Analytics, you can even see the percentage of people logging in on mobiles, tablets, and PCs. To effectively boost its SEO, you will have no other choice but to adapt your site to these devices .


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