The best is to call on an agency specializing in digital to establish a strategy adapted to the needs of your project. Then, the Region assesses the file. She has an eye on the economic interest of the project and especially on its viability. However, it is preferable not to launch any work before the favorable opinion of the Region because otherwise, it is the applicant who bears New Caledonia Email List all the costs. The entire procedure is paperless, so everything is done on the dedicated portal. The role of digital service providers, solution providers In his grant application file, the beneficiary of the Digital Check grant must submit two quotes and indicate with which his digital project will be carried out (this is a European obligation in terms of competition).

Thus, digital service providers such as SQUIRREL occupy a preponderant place in the system insofar as they will establish quotes from which the Digital Check subsidies will be calculated and presented to the decision-making bodies of the Regional Council. Our digital agency has already supported several eligible clients in the submission of their file and then in the valuation of their project thanks to the Digital Check. Do you have a project to create a mobile application, website, design or marketing strategy? Definition: good plan : offer or reduction allowing the customer to pay less for a product or service of the same quality Synonym: good deal Advantage for the seller: the opportunity to increase their turnover Advantage for the buyer: the opportunity to benefit from a lower price Setting up “good business” operations is the way to massively attract customers .

New Caledonia Email List

You Must First Go To Google Play Console And Connect To Your Account.

Indeed, they strongly encourage the purchase, thus generating additional sales. All business sectors can offer good deals at any time of the year. But did you know that there are different types of “good deals”? And it is just as many applications to realize. Indeed each of these good plans can be declined in application. To the delight of consumers … The main tips Let us list together, in a non-exhaustive way, the main examples of good plans that can be found. And at the same time, find the entrepreneurs who have called on SQUIRREL for the development of their application in this field. A product / service offer that grants a reduction (in% or in €). This is the principle behind FlashRun , an application designed by SQUIRREL which lists reductions on tourist activities on Reunion Island (hotels, restaurants, etc.).

It distinguishes between “flash” offers and permanent ones. Connect to Flashrun good plan application See offers on Flashrun Complete my profile on Flashrun good plan application Request a code on Flashrun Connect to Flashrun good plan application See offers on Flashrun Previous Following This application allows Reunion Islanders and tourists to enjoy the most beautiful moments at the best price. The promo code . Composed of a series of numbers and / or letters, it must be specified at the time of payment on the e-merchant’s site. The “private sales” , including access restricted aims, have a term also limited and are characterized by reduced prices. You can find private sales on Arlettie , an application created by Squirrel. Throughout the year, the platform offers private sales of more than thirty prestigious brands.

Once On The Home Page, You Can Then Consult All Your Applications.

good plan application Use the Arlettie application application good plan Arlettie good plan application Discover the Arlettie application good plan application Use the Arlettie application good plan application Arlettie Previous Following With this application, Arlettie improves its customer experience. In fact, it is now easier for customers to learn about opportunities, and they even have the possibility of paying via their smartphone. Also, thanks to a notification system, they are warned of upcoming sales of their favorite brands, and are therefore more likely to respond to the call. It is therefore also the way to increase its turnover. The practice of destocking , which consists of liquidating a stock at prices lower than the original ones. The collaborative economy, insofar as it saves money.

Again this is just a list of the most common bargains. But what about new good deals? New concepts Practices are evolving and new uses are emerging. For example, today our image is scrutinized more than ever. So why not enjoy it ? This is the vocation of Place2Biz , currently under development by our team. This app is the way for users to monetize their influence. For traders, it is a marketing tool through which they can expand their customer base and thus boost their sales. How it works ? If you are a consumer actor As a trading partner Take a picture of your purchase and share it on the app. Other users can save this post, discover your favorite addresses. If they go there, they get 10% off in the store, while you get 5% back.

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