Your corporate culture: The success of a digital transition depends mainly on the people who make up the company – managers and employees – whether in terms of skills or practices. It is therefore essential to install a common corporate culture that will encourage innovation within your organization. Your technologies: Even if new technologies are not the only factors of the digital transition, they are still necessary in the implementation of a digital transformation. It is important to be fully aware of and take advantage of the technological catalysts in the market . You will therefore need to identify the technologies that have been implemented in your processes and select more suitable and effective solutions to complement them. Squirrel Corp is here to support you! Squirrel Corp provides you with a questionnaire , which will allow you to easily and quickly assess the digital maturity of your company / project.

Benefit from the expertise of our agency and move serenely towards your digital transformation.  start your digital transformation Now you are able to identify your needs! Starting your digital transformation means finding a first Swaziland Email List target, a first use where digitization will be decisive for the company. Drawing inspiration from what is being done elsewhere is not necessarily a good idea, as companies face different challenges. You must therefore ask yourself which business problem seems the most crucial to resolve . Thus, you will identify the most relevant levers for your digitalization. It is no longer enough to have an innovative set of products or services, you must know how to design, develop, deploy, manage and constantly evolve your digital services.

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What Is A Business Mobile Application?

Prepare your business for digital transformation: But how? Once your needs have been identified, you can take a number of actions to start your transformation. Indeed, identify avenues for reflection before committing to this crucial step, will help you in the development of your business. Create a corporate culture Digitization will affect several departments of your company and will profoundly change the way you work, communicate and process information. This is why your corporate culture must be rethought and remodeled according to the coming digitization, in particular in terms of skills and procedures. Train your teams In this process, training of your employees is necessary.

Indeed, your teams must obtain training that allows them to understand and assimilate the digital transformation and how to apply it in the activity. Evolve your organization charts towards a digital form When your teams are trained and aware, it is time for you to evolve your organization into a suitable form . Thus, you will have to create positions in line with the digital transition, by hiring competent people. For example, you could adopt a so-called hybrid model : each department in your organization will have digital capacity to develop their own needs, and they will be coordinated by a digital team that will oversee the entire activity.

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Establish a digital strategy Being well prepared is the key to success, which is why designing a strategic roadmap is a must, to facilitate the planning and implementation of your digital transition. Your strategy must be tailor-made for your business and its activity, so it will be optimal. All coordinated by an adapted and competent team. establish a digital strategy Be ready for your digitalization with the digital agency SQUIRREL!

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