Google does not communicate very much about the changes in its search algorithm . This makes it difficult for SEO experts to adapt to it. The search engine still informs these professionals when a more substantial update is deployed, but without really going into details. Regarding the BERT update , Google has agreed to provide more details . For good reason, this development would seem to be the most important for 5 years, and “ one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search .” Google research teams have, in fact, studied and tried to improve the understanding of natural language by the search engine. The goal is to make the use more intuitive. The SEO giant has indeed observed that Internet users tend to use short keywords, because the engine gives more precise answers with this type of request, than by asking a question.

BERT should therefore allow users to query Google in a more natural way. BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a technique based on a neural network for processing natural language (NLP). The current google Pakistan Email List algorithm processes the words one by one . It therefore does not always take into account the context of the request and delivers results which do not always correspond to the user’s intention. The BERT update will allow the algorithm to better understand the associations of words within the same sentence. In particular, it takes into account linking words and prepositions to understand the context of the search.

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A very important update

Google gives several examples before/after the update: currently when an Internet user types “2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visa”, the word “to” is not necessarily taken into account, and Google can leave results concerning the visa required for Americans to go to Brazil. With BERT, the preposition is associated with the word “USA”, Google understands then that it is about a Brazilian who wishes to go to the United States. likewise Google does not understand the negation: in the expression parking on a hill with no curb (“parking on a hill without a border”), Google keeps only the main keywords and omits the “no”. We can then end up with results radically opposed to those expected. The new algorithm should thus allow Google to identify the words expressing the negation.

What will BERT change in the search results? Google is currently only deploying this update for English searches. This is expected to impact at least 10% of affected searches in the United States, according to company estimates. Affected queries are mostly those that have many words with prepositions and queries using natural language, such as questions or whole sentences. BERT will later be adapted for other countries and in other languages. In France, similar effects should be expected. SEO professionals will therefore have to adapt to this change. If it is not really possible to optimize the content for BERT, we must continue to question the user’s intentions: “What does the Internet user expect when they read my article? ” and “Does my content answer its question?”. It will therefore be necessary to give precise answers and once again produce quality content .

A more precise algorithm thanks to BERT

This is particularly the case for niche topics which, if properly worked on, could well gain some places in the SERP on pointed questions. The fact that all the H1 titles are different or to make sure that all the pages have at least two internal links. PRE AUDIT WEBSITE If you want more information about the analysis of your website, contact us !In addition to helping you determine keywords, this planner can also be used to build and index keyword lists. But also the selection of relevant budgets and auctions for paid referencing campaigns, as well as the observation of historical statistics. This data will be useful for you to refine your Ads campaigns. Google PageSpeed This tool is accessible for those who have some level in web development. It is used to improve the performance of the website.

And insofar as these influence the positioning on the search engine: it can be considered as a tool for improving SEO as well. By using Google PageSpeed, you will be able to get an overview of what needs to be improved in your website . The improvement proposals will be ranked in order of priority in order to allow you to better prioritize the corrective actions.You must therefore generate positive mentions concerning your theme. Be present on social networks, forums as well as on various portals such as Wikipedia. Managing your mentions requires setting up a watch to optimize your e-reputation. Have positive opinions: They have an important role in AEO. Make sure the reviews for you are positive and plentiful.

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