And content material curation to your advertising and marketing approach. Social media and in particular social networks have changed the manner wherein consumers talk, inform and relate to brands. In this online surroundings , which has managed to leave conventional advertising in the back of, the consumer navigates via infoxication. For this purpose, manufacturers progressively started to fear approximately providing high-quality content, integrating Content Marketing into their advertising approach. Through the introduction and distribution of content material of interest, they replied to the

information needs of their fans , developing a more in-depth relationship between the logo and the patron. However, customers have began to call for not handiest excellent, but also transparency . And with it, a sincere and true courting with the brands. How do they get that credibility? Index [ hide ] User Generated Content How to integrate UGC into your marketing strategy Content curation of User Generated Content Benefits of User Generated Content to your logo or business User Generated Content

There Is A Term That For Some

time has won importance within the content advertising approach of many groups and types, that content material is essentially known by using its English call and is User Generated Content (UGC) . 44% of users determine to shop for a service or product primarily based at the feedback and critiques made by means of different purchasers. The Cambodia whatsapp number list User Generated Content is all that content material generated via the users themselves at the Internet, whether of their profiles on social networks, in boards or in blogs, through comments, snap shots, films, etc; and that has not been paid via us. User Generated

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Content (UGC). Estrategia de advertising According to a recent examine with the aid of the consulting company PwC , social networks have an effect on the purchase decision of 78% of purchasers and 44% of users decide to shop for a services or products primarily based on the comments and opinions they make different purchasers. Another claims that ninety seven% of millennials post content on social media once they journey. Thus, an increasing number of, customers rely on rational decisions -in statistics from other users-, to base their purchases . User Generated Content comes into play and turns into decisive in the purchase procedure. Remember that, in advertising, what they are saying about you is well worth

Extra Than What You Assert

about your self. Why now not use the ones posts for your advertising approach to attract capacity clients, generate engagement and power conversions? Turn customers into brand ambassadors . How to integrate UGC into your advertising and marketing method One of the fine examples of the realistic software of content material curation and User Generated Content can be determined within the hospitality and retail region. Chains of resorts, restaurants or shops will locate in it one of their high-quality belongings with regards to reinforcing their

advertising strategy. In order to contain the UGC into the advertising method of a emblem or business, it’s miles important to inspire it. How? These are some examples: Make calls to moves in order that customers generate content material around your emblem. For example, contests in which followers have to post images, texts or movies approximately products or services to take part. Reward this contest with prizes in step with the attempt that users have had to make to take part in it: tickets for activities, unfastened stays, dinners… Encourage your users to post photographs and movies of your services or facilities. For instance, a certain motel room, an event… A proper way to do that is to make sure that those facilities entice customers and differentiate us from the competition. For instance, thru authentic ornament, fun mats within the pool…

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