Fixes Weekly Digest The weekly digest Switzerland Phone Number email has code that prevents a user. From receiving a digest more than once a week (as that would be a bug). Unfortunately, last week our digest email went out late which caused this check to get triggered. We Switzerland Phone Number made the check more forgiving and this week the digest went out as scheduled. Autoresponder: If Switzerland Phone Number custom domain is not verified, still use the info given to us by the user in reply_to. Smart Bar: Fixed styling for sites that use margin:auto on the body tag Style

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Ecommerce Calculator: Fixed header in footer in follow-up email. APR 30, 2018 – MAY 6, 2018 Features Share: Added ability to reset share colors to default Woocommerce. Improved error messages when woocommerce/sumo fail to generate Discount Codes and improved webhook oauth validation Switzerland Phone Number checks Fixes Message Center. Fixed deep link between Message Center and List Builder. Switzerland Phone Number Chat: Restored missing event data from last week’s reporting issues List Builder. React component refactor caused an issue in List Builder where you couldn’t click to different areas of the List Builder editor.

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Fixed an issue where a site would Switzerland Phone Number seem like their OauthToken was valid. But it was actually invalid causing issues with discount code generation. Refactor Sumo: Refactored some inefficient React components to perform better and reduce bloat Image Switzerland Phone Number Sharer / Welcome Mat. Moved more event data from AWS RDS to AWS ES APR 23, 2018 Switzerland Phone Number Fixes Message Center / Autoresponder: Fixed a bug where if a user accidentally attempted to email a user twice in quick succession,

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