Unlike this approach, negotiation only takes place upstream of the process. Once both parties – the client and the project manager – define the order details, it is difficult to make changes. 4. Adapting to change is more important than executing a plan. Unlike traditional software development, which did not integrate the concept of change and focused on detailed plans to be followed to the letter, the agile method defends the idea that change is beneficial, insofar as it gives rise to added value to projects. The principles of the agile method aim to set up a culture open to unexpected changes and centered around customers, their behaviors and their needs, as well as around the objectives and potential of the company .

These 12 principles are : Satisfy the customer by quickly and regularly delivering high quality software; Positively welcome changes in needs, even Sweden WhatsApp Number List late in the progress of the project; Frequently deliver functional software (weekly rather than monthly); Set up daily cooperation between customers and developers; Build projects with motivated people and trust them; The best form of communication is face-to-face dialogue (co-location); Functional software is the best measure of project progress; Find a sustainable rate of development capable of being maintained over time.

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Pay constant attention to technical excellence and design quality; Simplicity is the art of minimizing the amount of unnecessary work; The best architectures, specifications and designs are the result of self-organized teams; The team thinks about ways to become more efficient and adapts accordingly. How does the agile method work? Process, features and benefits. ! [The agile method in action: 10 minutes to understand everything 1] The agile method cuts projects into smaller increments using the Scrum framework , in order to obtain task cycles called iterations, the optimal duration of which is 2 weeks.

Before getting down to work, the client and the project manager must establish a list of “user stories” or “objectives” , which are crucial elements in the development of the project, as well as estimate the time needed to complete it. well and prioritize short tasks according to their degree of importance and urgency. Once these tasks are validated, they are processed through Kanban until they are completed, verified and eliminated to make room for others. An agile project is considered to be finalized when there are no increments left to deliver. 1. Two week increment cycle: The flexibility margin for a development process corresponds to a two week increment cycle.

2. Verification method: this is a quick point-to-point verification, immediately followed by corrections. 3. Scrum Framework: Elimination of superfluous activities. The best method at the moment is based on the Scrum framework. The agile method transforms phases of traditional software development, such as analysis, design, encoding and testing, into a series of continuous activities that coexist throughout the development of the project. This type of scalable architecture allows Agilists to maintain profitability in a minimum of time, while remaining flexible and adapting the project as it progresses. In addition, the method allows Agilists to avoid pitfalls, since it is based on constant customer feedback.

4. Risk Adaptation: Agility encourages flexibility and tends to adapt to changes no matter when they occur in the project. 5. Maximum pragmatism: for Agilists, the best way to evaluate a project is to develop software that will meet customer expectations in the shortest possible time. 6. Minimum documentation: Larger tasks are broken down into smaller steps and using minimal documentation. The agile method relies on a basic project designed and developed over time in small increments, rather than a task completed in one go. 7. Collective approach: this collaborative work approach works best with a team of 10-12 developers working in co-location.

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