Web professionals know that in order to improve SEO and improve Google results, a good netlinking strategy remains essential. Getting links to your site from others is recognition and a great way to gain visibility. How does a link pointing to your site, also called backlink or back link, act on its natural referencing? Why use backlinks?  To get a site up to the top of search engine results, you need to put in place a good SEO strategy . This is based on three pillars: the technique , the content , and popularity . The backlink integration falls into this last category. This is because when a large number of sites link to you, Google considers your content to be trustworthy.

When one site links to another, it also transfers its own popularity to it, known as Page Rank or ” Google juice “. This is why it is very important to plan a netlinking strategy , which consists of integrating back links leading to your site. Internal Colombia Email Address vs external mesh A link connects content A to content B, whether or not present on the same site. We are talking about mesh . There are two types of links: internal and external . The former, as their name suggests, link the pages of a site together. These links remain essential for the user experience and in particular encourage them to spend more time on the site . The external links, to which the backlinks belong, connect, conversely, different sites. A backlink can, for example, be used to supplement information unavailable on a site or simply to convey popularity between the two.

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The importance of hyperlinks in SEO

In order for search engines to recognize the relevance of a hypertext link , it remains important to respect certain rules when integrating external links. Nature of anchor and link Google will judge in particular the connection between the contents from the anchor on which they are based. This is the word or set of words to which the hyperlink is attached. For example, a link to a mechanics site attached to the expression “gardening” will be considered irrelevant and will penalize referencing. So make sure that no “bad site” points to you, otherwise you will be penalized. Configure your hypertext links so as not to transfer “Google juice” . To do this, you must give them the nofollow mention . This strategy can be useful to avoid spam content such as links to forums.

Place of the back link in the SEO strategy The netlinking occupies a central place in any SEO strategy . To gain visibility, it is important that other sites lead to yours in order to gain popularity. The more backlinks your site has, the more trustworthy it is and the higher the results pages . Be careful however with the origin of these links: Google will sanction the use of abusive or irrelevant links. Favor white hat SEO !The more visible the link, the more likely it is to receive clicks and the faster the crawlers will find it. All this improves the user experience as well as the website’s SEO on Google. 3 | Avoid the “no-follow” attribute The “ no follow  ” attribute  in the link building tells crawlers to ignore a link.

How does a backlink work?

Although useful when the target site is questionable, its use is not recommended for internal links. 4 | Create new content and update existing content Regularly post new content on your site to generate new internal links . You can use a post schedule to keep the momentum going. And if you have any articles that have already lost their youth, you can also update them with internal links pointing to new content . The internal link in brief The use of internal links is one of the easiest natural referencing (SEO) techniques to implement. However, they remain effective nonetheless. Internal networking is also entirely part of an inbound marketing approach. However, internal links work best when they appear in quality content .

These platforms are particularly useful for increasing the visibility of the company and for increasing its notoriety. But social networks can also be used to gain traffic to your site. The easiest way to do this is to create content. Here again, Semrush will be of great use to you thanks to its Social Media Toolkit . This box includes tools that are particularly useful for: write and schedule the posting of your content on networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) using the Social Media Poster tool track and analyze your competitors’ social networks using the Social Media Tracker feature. Thanks to the combination of these two tools, you can identify the content that works for your competitors. It will then be enough to inspire you to improve your strategy on social networks.

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