In the marketing world, content marketing is crucial for businesses to scale, or even get discovered. We all know that; so, what we are NOT going to discuss in Denmark Phone Number this post is the importance of content marketing. Instead, we’ll talk about how to avoid six pitfalls in your B2B content strategy. Let’s proceed with two eye-popping quotes regarding content marketing investment: “Content creation is the area of content marketing where there has Denmark Phone Number been the most reported increase in spending over the last 12 months (56%).” —Content Marketing Institute “Almost 40% of B2B marketers were using content with no particular strategy.” —

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We spend more money on content creation, but around 40% of us are squandering that money away, aimlessly. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right to the point: Pitfall  Writing Blog Posts Without SEO Without Denmark Phone Number a proper SEO strategy that aligns with your brand, you aren’t fully leveraging the power of blogs. In this day and age, we have quickly moved from optimizing for rankings to optimizing for discoverability. It’s really about understanding user intent, emotion, state of mind, extrapolation of thoughts, semantic connections, understanding entity-relationship models, etc.

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What your users want, even when they don’t know that your business solution can be the answer to their prayers. We live in a demand generation world, where our leads or prospects have completely redefined marketing. We have to first show Denmark Phone Number how our solutions can help, and we hope they’ll consider us—amongst the ten other vendors they’re researching. There is much competition and information overload, so it’s essential to make your B2B blog stand apart. From my experience, clients do focus on branding and Denmark Phone Number tone (which is absolutely critical), but SEO always comes second—which always has been the most significant missed opportunity. The Solution:

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