Fixed a bug that prevented old messages from loading on refresh Discount Codes. This issue has been resolved. MAR 26, 2018 Features WordPress Plugin. Added the script tag to the footer and updates manually installed Sumo script tags to our new script tag (speed benefits). Also now checks both the header and footer for the script tag, not just the header. Sumo: The dashboard now more gracefully handles errors when the connection to ElasticSearch results in an error.

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This is not something we anticipate happening often, but we handle it gracefully in the event it does. WooCommerce: More WooCommerce error handling. We pass along the WooCommerce error to the end user so they can better debug the issue If the error is related to their OAuthToken Turkey Phone Number we mark it as invalid and don’t show their forms Added bonus content library for Sumo users. CDN: Began comparing CDNs to determine reliability vs speed vs cost Fixes WooCommerce. One of our Woocommerce clients was setting null values.

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Add small labels to chart arrows (quick fade in-out) When changing locations. Page will scroll to top Show form count on /pages Update the form list to reflect the correct number of forms. For that date interval when changing dates intervals in chart Only update forms for each page individually (did not use componentWillUpdate since it will update all pages).

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