Connected objects have been talked about a lot for some time. We live in a world of technological change in which human relations have been disrupted. ZEN READING connected objectsUpdated September 13, 2021 With the explosion of social networks, the current world is over connected and connected objects have their place there and flood our daily lives! What is the internet of things? What can we expect in the medium term? kitchen with connected objects  The Internet of Things allows an infinite number of interactions between physical objects that can retrieve, store, process and transfer data. The IoT ( Internet of Things ) concept was created to describe this emerging phenomenon: every object of any size has the possibility of providing information in real time or not, such as computers, phones, tablets and also sensors located in cars.

Trains… allowing information to be sent back to users. internet of things Identification, Identifiers are usually digital, such as bar codes for consumer products or the IP addresses of our computers. Interactivity, Permanent or occasional Antarctica Email List interconnection of a wide variety of equipment and objects. Sensitivity to his environment, Information on its environment: geolocation, temperature, humidity … Autonomy, Each object is autonomous and independent and can interact or be queried with other objects in the network. Virtual representation, Possibility for a program in the cloud to act on behalf of a physical object. windows-smartwatch-Microsoft How will connected objects evolve? Market studies are being carried out on this subject by IDATE, the Audiovisual and Telecommunications Institute in Europe , specializing in the digital economy, the Internet, telecommunications and the media.

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What is a connected object?

He considers that in 2020 connected objects could reach the number of 80 billion in the world, which would make an average of 10 objects per person in the world! Connected objects are part of the 34 future projects in France, aimed at reviving French industry, according to an announcement by François Hollande on September 12, 2013. The government sees a great source of growth in them . The Stock Exchange will perhaps be seduced by connected objects in the medium term. Some examples of connected objects … 80 French technologies and connected objects are presented at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. This show dedicated to consumer electronics is the most important in the world. The 80 objects relate to the main fields of application of connected objects: Health, well-being, sport, The Withings company has launched a sleep sensor called the actimeter.

It is to be placed under the mattress and synchronizes with a bedside lamp. This sensor measures movements and breathing, it identifies the quality of sleep. E-commerce is not left out with, the first store dedicated to connected and intelligent health with a range of mobile medical devices to monitor your health. connected health logo, connected objects Automotive, Valeo, the automotive supplier, has launched an automatic valet parking, allowing the driver to entrust the search for a parking space to the car, upon entering a parking lot.

Five concepts are associated with connected objects

The MySeat company, based in Cergy, has developed sensors for find out remotely if the seats are free or occupied with a slogan “Make your seats smart and optimize your space!” Tablets, watches … Archos unveils 3 models of connected watches compatible with iOS and Android at CES. In contact with a tablet or a computer, the watch identifies the fingerprint of its owner, it then communicates a password for authentication and to secure communications. bmw-connected To conclude, Smart and communicating objects make certain scenarios of futuristic films possible: buildings and smart homes, autonomous and connected cars…. new interfaces between man and machine. New questions of respect for privacy and security arise, especially in the face of the challenges that our current society is experiencing: global warming, pollution linked to our way of food consumption and the type of agriculture practiced, aging of the population, etc.

Connected home France is making great efforts to take a place in this market. Connected objects have a bright future ahead of them and still leave you dreaming . Can connected objects gradually become companions, partners?lacosteLacoste According to René Lacoste himself, the origin of the logo would come from a bet that the captain of the French tennis team had thrown at him during the Davis Cup in 1927. René Lacoste would have promised him a crocodile suitcase if he won an important game. Robert George designed the now famous green crocodile. More stories to come …

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