The rise of mobile applications across all industries has created fierce competition. It is therefore essential not to miss its entry into the market, in particular with the constitution of a solid business plan. But that’s not enough, continuous evaluation of your application’s performance is essential to stay competitive. How to evaluate the performance of your mobile application? Well, thanks to the method: “App Benchmark” . In this article, we tell you all about this method, so that you can stand out from the competition. Summary The Benchmark App Use the Benchmark to make your App a success! Identify your competitors Explore the categories Importance of keywords Rating and review analysis Results analysis Updapte app Why use the Benchmark App? Put in place a solid strategy Identify opportunities Take stock! Your project, Our expertise!

The Benchmark App The App Benchmark is an essential tool for marketing strategy through the evaluation of the performance of your mobile application. Indeed, it is a comparative study of your application compared to other applications in your sector. Thus, you Sweden Phone Number List will be able to build points of comparison with your competitors and judge the level of your application in the market. In addition, the use of this method is important in your decision-making process, including the strategy to adopt for the retention of your users. Use the Benchmark to make your App a success! Identify your competitors App Stores have a wide range of applications, here it is essential to avoid information overload.

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We recommend that you make a list of three to five applications , ideally from your industry, with whom you want to be compared. You will then be able to identify the strategies used by them. Explore the categories In the Apple Store or Google Play , there are many categories, such as social networks, photos, games … It is essential to check the categories that your competitors choose and those that are popular on the App stores, while making a ranking. Thanks to the data that you will have collected, you will be able to objectively choose the category in which to register your application. benchmark-category Importance of keywords Keywords are an important part of app store optimization. Thanks to them, you will be able to make all the difference and be well positioned.

This is because they influence clicks when users search for apps. You must therefore pay attention to the keywords used by your competitors, in terms of search volume. Thus, before optimizing your application and choosing your keywords, you must analyze those used by these funds. This will help you establish whether it is worth competing with them or whether it is better to invest in other keywords. Rating and review analysis Ratings and reviews are good allies for obtaining a wealth of information about your application and that of competitors. Thanks to them, you will be able to observe if users like specific features or if there are specific bugs to fix or avoid.

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Results analysis After a complete analysis of the previous points, you will be able to constitute a classification of the applications chosen and put your application in perspective according to the fields studied. You will then be able to identify the weak points of your application and implement the necessary improvements for it. benchmark-result Updapte app Identifying the shortcomings of your App is not enough, it is recommended to make all the necessary updates to correct these shortcomings. In addition, it is important to provide frequent updates in order to correct bugs and improve your interface. Why use the Benchmark App? Put in place a solid strategy After observing the behavior of your competitors and your users, you will be able to make the right decisions .

Indeed, you will be in possession of a panel of ideas that you will have amassed during your research. You will therefore be able to innovate thanks to all the information collected. innovation-benchmark Identify opportunities It is essential that you stand out if you want to climb the rankings . During your research, you have been able to identify features that are often used and lacking in your application. Take the opportunity to create a unique application . Take stock! Doing the App Benchmark , allows you to have a realistic vision of the potential by evaluating the performance of your application. In through the analysis of your competition and customers notice you could analyze the success of your application .

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