Google Analytics analyzes the audience of your website for free. It tells you: the number of visitors, their origin, the number of pages viewed, the time spent on the site, the bounce rate and a few queries typed by Internet users to arrive on your site …Google bought this service from Urchin Software Saint Helena Email List Corporation in March 2005. It has become the most widely used website visit analysis service in the world . Urchin Software Corporation was selling its software for $ 495 per year. Google is now making it available free of charge to all sites with traffic of less than 10 million page views per month.

If Google Analytics is associated with an active Google Adwords account, there is no longer any traffic limitation. But how does Google make its product profitable? The profitability of the Analytics product lies mainly in the consumption of the AdWords service (now called Google Ads). It is a paid advertising network allowing to increase the targeted traffic of your website. In France, this service is in competition with a service of the same type, offered by the companies Médiamétrie eStat, Xiti, Piwik (formerly php My Visite). Google offers tools for developers to access data from Google Analytics. Analytics AntheDesign Presentation-audience 20170501 20170531Capture account Google Analytics web agency AntheDesign May 2017 In addition to measuring your site’s audience, Analytics is full of little-used features (analytics tools).

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Some Features Of Google Analytics

These features allow website editors to optimize the referencing of their sites and their turnover. Email alerts: Email alerts are sent to you as soon as an anomaly occurs, such as a significant drop in unanticipated traffic . This service offers a series of predefined templates and also allows you to create your own alerts. Analysis and optimization of your conversion funnel : This analysis is used to assess the performance of your site’s navigation scenarios. And also to understand the possible causes of abandonment of the scenario. Google Analytics users can define a scenario by designating a chain of web pages present on their site through which the Internet user must go to achieve a goal.

For example, within the framework of an e-commerce site, the Internet user will move from the home page to a product page, a cart validation page, order confirmation, until the finalization of his transaction. google analytics dashboardGoogle Analytics dashboard Definition of advanced segments: The advanced segments allow the analysis and comparison of the behavior of visitors located in France and abroad. Compare the visits that generated a conversion with the total traffic or isolate and observe the behavior of new visitors. This advanced segmentation can be applied to all reports in a profile. A wizard allows the creation of an advanced segment, by listing a series of metrics (concerning visitors, traffic sources, content or e-commerce activity of the site) , allowing the isolation of a defined target.

How To Install Google Analytics On Your Website?

Each metric can be associated with a condition such as the place of connection of Internet users (Paris, Amiens, Soissons or Compiègne concerning the site of our agency) . It can also be a value (Internet users who have bought at least once). A test service ensures that the segment is functioning. Analytics makes it possible to follow a specific event on a page, measure the interactions of Internet users with a given element of a page of the site. Excluding internal traffic from reports: When several employees work on their sites, they become the first users of the site on which they consume a greater number of page views than the rest of the visitors. To exclude this internal traffic, Google offers a filtering service on Google Analytics.

This service makes it possible to obtain more precise and more faithful figures of the activity of the site, in particular in terms of time spent on the site. A click map: This feature tells you, for each clickable element on the page, the number of clicks recorded. This gives a quick, visual overview of hot and cold areas on a page. This provides you with some page or element optimization ideas. It is also possible to obtain quick reports by chronology, corresponding to a specified period using a date selection tool. This report allows the comparison, for example, of the behavior of prospects or customers, in a normal period and in a period of sales for e-commerce sites for example.

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