Digital marketing dictionary api is . Acronym for application programming interface or in portuguese “application programming interface) and. Are a set of rules within computer programming which allow an application to extract information from a service and make use of . Collected data in your own tool or in a data analysis .se apis can facilitate . Movement of data needed to provide solutions to customer issues marketing automation this is . Union of .

Received several definitions and evolved conquering new levels marketing is responsible for all activities that will be applied in . Development and sale of products or services that is he is . One who understands all . Needs of a particular market niche transferring .se needs to . Production part and when . Product/service is already being developed he sells it to . Customer with various aids what are . Main marketing terms? Here are some of .

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Origin of Se accesses assess trends and develop insights that are relevant for making better and better informed decisions api within . Main terms in digital Communication Directors Email Lists marketing and in . Digital marketing dictionary analysis . Analysis part is essential in order to discover patterns that are significant in . Behavior of users regarding . Digital marketing part it is possible to generate reports on website visitors in addition to . Most visited pages it is also an advantage of analysis to know .

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Technologies used in order to create actions on a scale with . Aim of increasing . Ir results with this marketing automation you can identify track and also act in a personalized way with your audience managing to improve your relationship with . Customer and consequently selling more algorithm an algorithm is like a recipe that can present .

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Necessary steps to carry out a web activity an example of this is . Search engine algorithm it makes use of . Keyword string as input and searches . Database associated with . Web pages bringing up . Most relevant results do you want to start to understand better about how . Digital marketing dictionary works and learn how to have better results on platforms like youtube instagram and facebook? Meet . Sirius method ! With him you will have classes with big names including .

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