Add a Twitter timeline* or Instagram feed** on your product pages and narrow it down to a certain hashtag.[*][**] Engage with users and repost their content to keep them posting pictures and spread your brand through social networks. EDUCATING USERS WITH MICROSITES AND GUIDES Online retailers need to create content outside of category. And product pages to be present when customers are in the awareness stage of the user journey. The best tactic to address this is Microsites and guides.

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Nordstrom has a Microsite dedicated Hungary Phone Number to help men with everything fashion, from “how to tie a tie” to “how to measure dress shirts”. Screenshot showing a page on It works pretty well on social media. Screenshot showing top content by nordstrom The industry you’re in guides. check the category drop down menu for a complete list

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What content to create. In fashion it’s all about how to dress (example: Nordstrom).[*] In home improvement it’s all about DIY (example: Home Depot). Amazon, which also owns IMDB (6th largest site in the world) and Alexa Internet (a web analytics tool and search agency), has a very well performing Microsite around AWS. It has 273,000 pages, ranks for 1.2M keywords and collected 32.7M backlinks. Screenshot showing categories on aws. So how does Amazon get all these backlinks? Create blogs around topics like DevOps, Big Data or IoT

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