Algorithms no longer rank results the same in SERPs. With a view to always satisfying its users, Google regularly changes its SEO criteria. Search engines are becoming response engines. Indeed, with Answer Engine Optimization, sites no longer Nicaragua Email List have to offer the right answer among the others but rather offer the right answer to a request. You must therefore always adapt so that your website does not end up at the bottom of the search engine results. Use AEO as a real opportunity to gain visibility! What is AEO? AEO, Answer Engine Optimization in English, means in French the optimization for response engines. The new objective of search engines is therefore to give the best response to a voice search .

The latter should ultimately no longer be search engines but response engines. Google has understood this well in recent years and now displays a result for certain types of queries in an insert in first position. This directly displays a summary of the result in the form of Featured Snippets, or in the form of optimized extracts in the search results, which in French is called the result 0. This is the case, for example, for the definitions as you can see above. This is also the case for interrogative queries such as: “what is”, “how” or “what are”. You can also see it when it comes to information whose accuracy is certain, such as the weather forecast or even movie times in the cinema. Google seeks to display the answer directly in the results, instead of sending you to an external page.

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What is the difference between SEO and AEO?

Indeed, most of the time, you do not need to click on a link to get the answer, Google provides you with the answer directly from the SERP. The AEO is associated with voice search because this technology can respond to queries by voice. For example, if your query is “date of the fall of the Berlin wall,” a few years ago, the first result would probably have been Wikipedia where you should have clicked on the link in order to get the answer.  The SEO, Search Engine Optimization, or optimizing for the search engines in French, is a set of techniques to optimize the visibility of a web page on queries. The AEO Answer Engine Optimization focuses specifically on voice search.

Clearly, in SEO , you will optimize your content so that it is offered in the first results while in AEO, you will optimize your content so that it is offered in response. How to use AEO? Google must understand your content. The questions asked are more and more precise so the answers you provide to Internet users must be too. Optimize your site for AEO now! Here are some tips to help you achieve this. The semantics of HTML5 Semantic HTML5 divides a page into sections, and each section has a specific role that is identified in a standardized way. The goal is for Google to understand the structure and organization of your page , thus knowing which sections to pay attention to and which to ignore. Here are the HTML5 tags we recommend you use: Etc.

Be credible and take care of your e-reputation

To learn more, read the guide to HTML5 written by UK SEO consultant Jason Barnard. Structured data markup Markup provides useful specifications to help search engines understand your content and enables the display of rich snippets in the SERP. Structured data does not replace HTML code. However, they work in conjunction with him. Find more information about markup in the Google documentation.  The idea of correctness of the information is essential in the context of Answer Engine Optimization . To ensure the quality and accuracy of your content, Google analyzes not only your content but also your legitimacy and your authority. This is measured according to the authority of the domain, the company as well as the person, that is to say whether the content writer is authoritative on this subject for example.

Remember that when an Internet user asks a question, writes it down or says it, he asks for an answer or even a solution to his problem. The goal of search engines is therefore to respond as quickly as possible by putting the best at the top of the results. When they understand that you can provide the answer or the solution and that it is credible then you will be at the top of the results. Here are some things to do in order to take care of your online reputation: Optimize your SEO: The backlinks and domain authority have an important role in the AEO. It is essential to take this into account in your strategy. Create quality content: Choose vocabulary that reflects your expertise, make no spelling mistakes, and update your content. Generate mentions: In AEO, mentions of your company, products or services count.

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