Account Executive at Ruhl Insurance Remove Background Image .What are Long Tail Keywords? Long-tail keywords are how the majority of people search the internet. Keyword research remains one of the most effective strategies for driving online business growth. It should be a driving force in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, take a look at this article on how it can make or break your business’s online presence.

Essentially, it’s how you get your website to rank higher on a search engine results page Remove Background Image (SERP), which translates to more visibility for your business. SEO will be your long-term strategy to generate consistent organic growth. Not only will the traffic come from targeted demographics, but the exposure will attract people who convert into customers. SEO is no longer seen as a hidden trick. It’s a big part of your digital marketing strategy and it’s a scalable method as you grow.

Executive at Ruhl Insurance Remove Background Image

Account Executive at Ruhl Insurance Remove Background Imag. Nearly 90% of web traffic is by search engines. Over 40% of all eCommerce traffic comes from organic searches Organic traffic can make up most of the traffic your industry experiences. Don’t fall behind because SEO . Now what are long tail keywords? long tail keywords Remove Background Image Keywords are the words and phrases that people use to search for products and information online. Long-tail keywords are search phrases that typically have more than 4 or more words. These are more specific search terms and generally represent a demographic that is more willing to convert. There are many keyword opportunities. Although long-tail keywords represent smaller search volumes, over 70% of all Google searches are long-tail searches. You may find it intuitive Remove Background Image to try to rank for the highest volume searches. Although you are partially right.

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You will have your work cut out for you. It can be nearly impossible to categorize broad categories or even specific niches that have been . You to be aware of your competitors. A long tail keyword is the difference between targeting “cars” and “used cars in Atlanta”. You can probably Remove Background Image  understand that there is less competition when you take the long tail path. Bottom Line: Don’t dwell on markets. How well long tail keywords fit into your keyword research strategy With nearly 75% of search engine users failing to make .

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