It is a follow-up point on the project, to inform about its progress, to re-validate its parameters, to align with these changes and reorientations. Finally, it is also Algeria WhatsApp Number List to maintain the link between the teams and provide working comfort for everyone. 6. Workshop- Fine tuning When 95% of the project is completed, we organize a workshop with the client to work with him on the remaining 5%. These remaining 5% are adjustments, details to settle, implementations to be made. Pauline: 3D designer Why are we doing this? Specialists in 3D, we have a high precision business.

Our clients also often have high-precision trades (fine jewelry, watchmaking, leather goods, luxury goods) and it is precisely this love of precision that unites us. From the understanding that we have of their activity, we know that it is these last details that make the difference. So during this final workshop, we adjust the last settings together, in real time using our visualization tool. We really want the customer to participate in this fine tuning, so that the product and its rendering correspond exactly to what they want, to their vision, to their image. Pierre: AR / VR Engineer 7. Final rendering and implementation After this workshop we rework if necessary on the last elements and prepare for the client a final report and a report of the project.

Algeria WhatsApp Number List

The Second Revolution (Industry 2.0) Took Place Between 1870 And 1914.

Finally, the final integration on our client’s e-commerce site can begin, and here too we are supporting their technical teams on this subject. We hear and read everywhere that luxury has changed. Truly ? However, luxury markers look like they were yesterday: excellence, exception and emotion. So what changes are we talking about? And, basically, what is luxury? The best that an era has to offer If we refer only to its Latin etymology, “luxus”, luxury could be defined by anything that is offbeat, on the fringes. In reality, depending on our social status, our nationality, our philosophy of life and our relationship to luxury, its definition will vary greatly from one individual to another.

Some consume it to obtain social recognition, others to assert a status or even out of pure hedonism. Tangible (rare and expensive object) or intangible (time, freedom, space) value, luxury has many faces. An elusive concept, it designates in turn, a product, a way of life, a concept or an experience. Image credit: Mercedes 260D Could we therefore agree on the idea that luxury is defined by the best that an era has to offer? So, there was a time when spices and salt were considered luxuries. Then it was the turn of the car when it made its first turns of the wheel, but also vacation, in France, before the paid vacation.

Many Industries Are Affected By This Change, Including The Iron Industry, Agriculture And Mining.

Give value to the unnecessary 28,000 years old in France, luxury spread around the world after World War II. Aimed at a socially dominant elite, it has long been attached to what was rare and expensive, but the need for which was not absolute. Hence the expression often heard to designate everything that is overflowing with the necessary, “It’s luxury!” ”, But also the famous phrase of Edmond Rostand in La Mort de Cyrano de Bergerac :“ it’s much more beautiful when it’s useless! ”. Christine de Pisan Claiming its superficiality, luxury therefore answers this question: what would our lives be without unnecessary pleasures? A reality that has earned him many enemies.

Already in the 15th century, Christine de Pisan, one of the first women writers, criticized the price of fabrics and the futility of such an expense. What the designer Yves Saint-Laurent replied to him 5 centuries later by asserting “I am not a couturier. I am a craftsman, a maker of happiness ”. Luxury has never been characterized by its functionality. It is not the fact of finding a means of transport which motivates the purchase of a Ferrari. Luxury, on the other hand, gives the impression of having an experience that not everyone can have, but that everyone dreams of. Thus, to consume luxury is to consume prestige, know-how, a unique character.

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