Another advantage of Yoda INSIGHT, for each of the data displayed, you keep the history of your progress. Last strong point, you can graphically benchmark your site with that of your competitors (SEO benchmark) . MARKET EXPLORE MARKET EXPLORER is the keyword supply supermarket. Thanks to its Search Marketing database of more Vanuatu Email List than 100 million search phrases, Yooda INSIGHT allows you to decipher the search habits of French Internet users (6.3 billion searches of French Internet users). It is a powerful keyword generator with some very cool features.

MARKET EXPLORER Yooda insightMARKET EXPLORER – keyword suggest- Yooda Insight From a search expression related to our SEO consulting activity: “ SEO advice ”, MARKET EXPLORER returns the following data: The list of related search expressions (in the same theme), The number of monthly searches on Google on the theme and for each of the keywords, The average CPC of Google AdWords on the topic and for each search phrase, The semantic proximity of each search expression, The competition on each of the keywords and the number of results in the Google index. MARKET EXPLORER YOODA INSIGHT SEO advice Yoda INSIGHT’s MARKET EXPLORER, search phrase: SEO advice For each audit, in addition to the raw results, MARKET EXPLORER offers very practical ‘Min Max’ filters to help you find the right keywords.

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Yooda INSIGHT, the study of competition and keywords

The filters include all the fields of the raw results table, namely: Proximity to search and the number of Google searches, The level of competition and the AdWords CPC, The number of results in the Google index. Feedback MARKET EXPLORER is a convincing and easy-to-use SEO tool. Like SITE PERFORMANCE, it allows audit export in CSV format. INSIGHT saves precious time in keyword research and is extremely effective software for content marketing . For comparison, it is faster than Google Adwords Keyword Planner . LEADERS LEADERS allows in one click to identify competing sites positioned on Google in your theme (s). This analysis allows us to distance ourselves from the position on a single search expression.

To improve your overall positioning on Google, the thematic approach is essential, especially if you are targeting a lot of keywords. For each theme tested, INSIGHT sends us the following indicators: The classification and the name of the sites competing in the theme, SEO traffic in the theme, A direct link to the PERFORMANCE SITE to audit the first of the theme for example, The number of expressions on which the site is positioned in the theme. Example with the expression SEO advice LEADERS yooda insight seo adviceYooda Insight LEADERS on SEO Consulting Search Expression Feedback LEADERS complements the previous 2 tools very well, it is also easy to learn and there are filters and data export to Excel. It is an ideal tool for competitive intelligence and benchmarking.

How much does YOODA INSIGHT cost?

THE DASHBOARD If your use of Yooda INSIGHT is occasional, the value of DASHBOARD is limited. For SEO managers, the dashboard allows you to memorize part of your activity on the online software and to save time (management of files and tags). Note: from the Yooda INSIGHT DASHBOARD, you can monitor 5 five sites and receive an email alert each time the INSIGHT database is updated. DashboardDASHBOARD by YOODA INSIGHT The limits of Yooda INSIGHT The use of Yooda INSIGHT is reserved for sites indexed and positioned on Google. If your website has just been uploaded, or if your site has only a few pages with very local SEO, your domain and search phrases may be missing from Yooda’s database.

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