New technologies to improve the customer experience Technology now plays a central role . The ‘ interaction in VR and AR, location-based navigation and visualization with 3D product configuration gaining ground every day . A few examples Israel WhatsApp Number List will better show the impact of digital experiences on customer perception. Case studies Baume has applied VR & AR technology to high-end watches to shape a top-notch customer perception. Source: Baume adopted AR technology to improve the customer experience, in cooperation with Hapticmedia .

The brand new luxury watch brand Baume was launched by online retail giant Richemont in Paris during the Viva Technology event. To distinguish themselves from the competition, the company has worked with Hapticmedia the development of personalized and appealing customer experience that allowed consumers to configure their own watches with the help of a large touch screen and 3D models. Participants were able to choose each feature (size and type of the dial, its color, strap material, etc.) and customize their watch with over a thousand possible combinations. Once the VR fun is over and the details are defined, the customer can view the model in augmented reality and full size on their wrist, only with a smartphone and a strip of paper.

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And the experience doesn’t stop at the store, because the customer will later be able to view the model and show it to those around them using the same AR technology. Unsurprisingly, Baume’s customer perception is that of an avant-garde brand attentive to the needs of its “friends” and this customer experience generates excellent word of mouth. Guerlain uses 3D product configuration to double its conversion rates ! (/ uploads / 3d configurator guerlain.png) Source: Guerlain 3D lipstick configurator for online personalization, in cooperation with Hapticmedia .

Guerlain has developed with Hapticmedia a personalization tool which, via a 3D solution, has made it possible to digitally present its entire range of products and variants while avoiding the high costs of a long and complicated photo shoot. Now, users can go to the company’s website and create their own personalized lipstick by combining 15 cases and 30 shades. Customers develop a product that belongs to them as much as to the brand and participate in the creation process! Imagine the customer’s perception in this context … “Hapticmedia’s 3D technical solution provided us with a superb showcase for our Rouge G product.

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It also enabled us to present to customers all the customization combinations available directly on our site, while avoiding the high cost of a full photo shoot. In addition, the solution was extremely easy to implement by our technical teams. ” Romain Noyer, Head of International Electronic Commerce With the 3D configuration, businesses can overcome the limitations of 2D e-commerce display and provide their customer with a better user experience. Source: Guerlain 3D lipstick configurator in cooperation with Hapticmedia This technology is so efficient that companies using it achieve 40% higher conversion rates and an average increase in sales of 30% when switching from 2D to 3D display.

In essence, the integration of 3D configuration technology can lead to a massive increase in online business sales and profits. After seeing the huge increase in conversion rates and customer engagement, Guerlain continued its collaboration with Hapticmedia and recently launched a new 3D perfume configurator. Conclusion We have seen to what extent the modeling of customer perception can set you apart from the competition and the decisive role that new technologies can play in this construction. To discover the latest innovations and become a trendsetter in your sector, follow our blog!

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