This campaign was extremely successful. In the first 10 days of its launch, it had already attracted over 10,000 players and generated 18,000 pageviews . Gamification marketing: how to get started? Options and current practices of luxury China WhatsApp Number List brands Brandification: when the game is created around a brand, like the one described above – the case of H-pitchhh d’Hermès. Transmedia: it is generally the result of the extension of a property from one medium to another, to capitalize on its dynamics and widen the audience. Nintendo 007: Golden Eye is an example of a gamification strategy that has become a line of business in itself.

Through-the-line (TTL) and below-the-line (BLT): where brand information can appear on the game screen, above or below the game window. Advergames: which start from an already established name and are then re-engineered to match a particular brand and its products or services. Depending on the channels, gamification strategies can be divided into online and offline. The first category includes games deployed on digital channels like apps, websites, platforms, social media (Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, etc.), while the second refers to in-store implementation and on site: events, activations, etc.

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It Is Accessible From Consumers’ Mobile Devices, Without Additional Plugins ,

WeChat, in particular, has proven to be a particularly relevant tool for deploying luxury brand gamification marketing. To use it, brands develop interactive html5 pages that entice users to complete a particular task to get discounts, vouchers, etc. Step 1: Start with your target audience and choose the right type of games. To establish a gamification strategy, the first aspect that marketers should consider is the audience, their preferences and their needs. It all starts with understanding your audience, their interests and their motivations . And pay attention to the fact that each customer typology relates to the game differently .

Psychologist Richart Bartle has identified 4 types of players: 1. Winners: those who want to accumulate points to achieve their goals and who want to see their successes recognized. 2. Explorers: Those who like to discover new things, like doing random puzzles or engaging in side stories. 3. Socializers: Those who prefer to play games that connect them to others and who need cooperation to be successful. 4. Killers: Those who are primarily interested in winning.

A Transparent And Intuitive Augmented Reality Experience Which Is A Great Commercial Success.

Depending on the player typology of your consumers, you will choose the most effective gamification marketing strategy to motivate and engage them. Step 2: Research the industry, competition, and consumer behavior. A successful campaign requires substantive research. When defining a gamification strategy, luxury marketers should take into account what other brands have done, their audience’s reaction, and best practices.

Another extremely important aspect to consider is how to deliver a good user experience. In order to understand the whole flow and develop a great UX, marketers need to study already existing games and applications, interact with them, and understand how they work. Then relate that qualitative research to data like number of downloads, ratings, comments, performance, and more. This will allow you to better understand user behavior.

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