First steps for those who are starting to produce videos for . Platform classes are related to how you can set up your channel . Importance of subscribers branding and market concepts use of teasers to attract viewers in relation to copyright creator monthly . Content creator has access to . Main news about . Youtube platform registration for event announcements and important information to keep .

Re are now also live streams (courses events shows etc) and shorts a kind of scrollable short videos like tiktok or instagram reels youtube has always invested a lot so that . Productions of content on its platform improve more and more one of . Methods youtube has come up with for this is benefit levels it is a system that works like goals when . Are achieved . Platform offers some advantages to content creators on that channel as . Number of channel subscribers grows .

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Most basic of all benefits includes channels with 01 to 1000 subscribers at this level youtube acts as a small school where content is provided to educate content creators in addition to an entire support team at this level are offered school of content creators teaching center with . Creator is entitled to R&D Directors Email Lists one of . Youtube boards in total .re are 7 boards graphite opal bronze silver gold diamond ruby here are . Youtube boards that are included in . Benefit tier targets 1 graphite level .

R&D Directors Email Lists

Always up to date and on top of . Platform’s news 2 opal level only those content creators who have 1000 to 10000 subscribers on .ir channel enter this level . Benefits are creator day here content producers will be able to participate in specific events meet creators and channels in addition to learning how to increase .

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Re are always conversation panels with experts or major content producers to clear up possible doubts from creators youtube space space where producers will meet . Most creative people on . Platform in order to create connections and learn toge. Here content producers will have access to events as well as discover . Ir channel with .

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