According to GlobalWebIndex, Internet users spent over 6 billion hours watching esports in 2018. This figure refers not only to tournaments but also to live streaming , which turns out to be a very interactive marketing tool. effective. Guide to Cambodia WhatsApp Number List esports marketing: everything you need to know in 2020 The popularity of live streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube confirms the data. Figures show that 15 million Twitch users watch live game streams every day, which is almost 11% of the network’s total monthly active users.

With such impressive data, in terms of audience and engagement, esports has become extremely attractive to marketers who want to engage with audiences. Current esport marketing practices: sponsorship and advertising Business intelligence provider Newzoo shows that in 2019, companies invested $ 646 million in esports marketing, or $ 457 million in sponsorship and $ 189 million in advertising. This figure is expected to increase by 23% in 2020. We have the false impression that only brands endemic to its ecosystem invest in esports marketing. In fact, 60% of esports sponsorship today comes from non-endemic brands .

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This development deserves to be detailed. The first and only natural partnerships between marketers and the world of video games concerned endemic brands , those from related industries such as software and hardware producers. But sellers of sports equipment quickly joined the initiative and then brands outside the games industry began to seize the interest. Due to COVID-19, many luxury marketing initiatives have been canceled as consumers spend significantly more time online. Video game consumption has reached unprecedented levels .

As Nielsen reports, at the height of lockdowns, 82% of global consumers were playing and watching video games . Additionally, U.S. respondents to a March 2020 survey said they spent 45% more time playing video games during quarantine than the week before. These figures reveal fertile ground on which luxury brands can find a way to partner with esports and thereby reach these tech-savvy, highly educated and responsive audiences. Why should luxury brands invest in esport marketing? Access to a huge, young, educated and engaged audience – mainly Gen Z and Millennials, men and women. It is essential to get your customers where they are.

Wanadev, On The Other Hand, Is Very Focused On The Development Of Virtual Reality Technology ,

Approaching users in a place they enjoy and where they feel naturally engaged is clearly relevant for luxury brands. A context conducive to storytelling. Luxury marketers understand the central importance of perception and narrative. Video games unfold a fabulous universe that integrates both an overflowing imagination and real-life experiences: luxury brands can connect with their consumers in this new environment by bringing their know-how and their specificity. Contamination of the mark. Video games and e-sports are cool, hugely digital, and ever-changing. New skins, new challenges, new levels, new graphics, there is always something players look forward to.

Including brands in these experiences helps to change the perception of consumers and add freshness to their image. An escape from the real world. Esports fans seek escape and relaxation. Brands that get involved in esports marketing initiatives will also be able to escape the real world, which is extremely valuable in these times of a pandemic. The offer video games environment where interaction is secure, where consumers can buy and show their acquisitions, where they can meet other players and give appointment irl . Brands can partner with influencers and celebrities, brand zones, current collections, and thus offset social distancing and lockdowns. What are luxury brands doing? As Vogue Business reports, 85% of Puma’s US male customers are gamers, and 75% of them watch game streams.

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