It’s no surprise that video’s popularity continues to grow thanks to .Mobile tech and apps advancing its delivery and consumption. Along with giants like facebook and google actively pushing it. Most importantly, the preference for video creation over other types. Of content continues to grow with consumers, making it vital to marketers and brands. To help keep on top of this, let’s look at different. Trends in video marketing to expect through 2021. Super short video .Ads google originated this trend back in 2016 with the launch of youtube’s 6-second “bumper” ads.

This New Format Wasnt Just for Shortening Attention Spans in

General, but specifically to fit the growing trend of mobile video and shorter videos being created. It was also to the reality that most people would just watch the countdown. On a long video ad until they could click the “skip” button. And since. Mobile video and short-form videos have since become the norm. Now is a content landscape of constant Singapore Phone Number scrolling and swiping. Capturing attention and becoming memorable needs to be within seconds on any social network. Especially on the exponentially growing and extremely competitive instagram. More long-form video content yes.

This Might Sound Like It’s Going to Contradict the Trend

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But the distinction between video advertising and video content marketing makes a world of difference. An advertisement is more designed to catch attention and delivery a quick message. Content marketing looks to provide value to a target audience, usually through being informative, entertaining or both, while (organically) tying into the brand’s message and product. This value is why people would want to watch a video that’s 3-5 minutes or much, much longer (that could be considered essentially a long commercial). This can range from a company’s internal team doing a product walk-through to the popular “unboxing” video trend with an influencer opening up a product for the first time as part of a review or demonstration.

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