The native application: Intuitively you immediately think of all the apps on your phone, and you think any kind of mobile app development that you get done by a professional will look like this. Big mistake! The native application will be Croatia Phone Numbers List developed specifically for a particular operating system. This therefore means that to develop a native application, the developer will have to use a different programming language depending on whether he is developing under Android or under iOS. As a result, development time is therefore naturally doubled, it develops two distinct applications in two different languages. The advantages of developing natively.

It is fast, reliable and responsive The native app can work even if you don’t have internet access You can access all the functions of the phone (GPS, accelerometer, camera, contacts, etc.) They offer an optimal user experience depending on the smartphone you have The disadvantages of developing natively: A purely pecuniary choice, which says double development means double the time spent, therefore says much higher cost of implementing the app, unless we stick to a single operating system in which case we lose potential by sulking part of the users. Another drawback, it will be necessary to maintain the two versions (iOS / Android) during updates or bug fixes or even changes to be made.

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Responsive web application The responsive web application is nothing more than the mobile version of a website. It works in the same way as the website (no difference in platform, operating system). The goal of the web application is to make content available at the minimum functional on mobile. It may indeed look like a mobile application, but both its accessibility and its user experience as well as its development cost are three times lower than a native application. It therefore becomes almost incomparable. What are the advantages ? The lower cost We do not download it from the stores so it does not take up space on the mobile And its drawbacks?

User experience undermined No presence on the stores, lack of visibility Does not allow you to use all of the phone’s features It won’t work without internet It is not adaptable because it has been developed in a single version for all platforms “First price” app (Watch out for the smart guy who will sell it to you at a high price!) Hybrid applications Hybrid development makes it possible to develop for both iOS and Android without having to resort to two separate developments. A single development is therefore sufficient for the same application. However, there is one nuance: web hybrid development and native hybrid development, the difference is big!

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The web hybrid To put it simply, the web hybrid is almost like a mobile site but much more optimized, more interactive and more responsive, but the development method is the same as with web technologies and then “packaged” in an application. thanks to a native webview (the famous icon that lets you launch the application). Same as for the responsive app, the development cost must remain very accessible! The native hybrid (The team’s choice) It’s a mix between two worlds. We develop only once, the code is read and valid for both OS, the user interface will be exactly the same as for a native application. The native hybrid development is highly recommended to save time and money while keeping the quality aspect of the application.

Moreover, one of the specificities of the applications developed in native hybrid is their quality. In this, they manage to come as close as possible to the level of the native ones, both visually and in terms of performance. Thus, they manage to optimize all the functionalities of the latter (geolocation, camera, etc.). It is fast, fluid and offers an optimum user experience. Benefits of the native hybrid app: Cost saving Money saving User interface very close to native development Reactivity Speed Fluidity User experience One code to maintain Known example of native hybrid application: LinkedIn. Cons (and yes there are some anyway).

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