The top three channels marketers want to use the martech on are email, social media, and content. And the technologies they are looking to embrace are IoT, virtual reality, augmented reality, personalization, visualization, and facial recognition. These technologies allow brands to deliver an immersed shopping experience and encourage Georgia WhatsApp Number List customers to see, interact, personalize and enjoy products before they even buy, which in turn increases conversions. Essential to creating a memorable experience, personalization has a direct impact on maximizing sales, cart size and profits .

As a result, a growing number of premium brands are empowering their customers to personalize their products and imprint their unique brand on their purchase using 3D configuration technology. Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! The in-store experience: the decisive purchasing factor for Luxury We are all aware of the impact of the digital generation and the importance of e-commerce today. As Deloitte’s 2019 consumer survey report shows, respondents plan to spend 36% of their budget in-store, compared with 59% online , while more than half, or 54%, said they prefer them.

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Tools In Everyday Tasks, Both At The Individual And Organizational Level.

online to offline shopping experiences . But in Luxury marketing , the situation is quite different: offline channels retain a crucial position in the overall marketing and communication strategy of brands. Evidence of this trend comes to us from one of the fastest growing digital countries in the world. The 2019 McKinsey China Luxury Report reveals that 9 in 10 young Chinese consumers consider the in-store experience to be the most important element when buying or discovering new items. The objectives of in-store marketing In-store marketing aims to promote brands and products by reaching consumers directly at physical points of sale.

The aim is to convert consumers by educating them and encouraging them to buy in an environment where all parameters are controlled. All the presentation elements are scripted for the benefit of the seller: layout and decoration, lighting and perfumes, and above all the approach and attitude of advisers in white gloves who play a decisive role in the final decision-making. The subtle staging that highlights quality, tradition and authenticity shapes the desired customer perception . This is naturally much more efficient compared to online purchases where the brand has no control over the atmosphere in which the Internet user is bathed.

This Allows Them To Get The Most Accessible And Transparent Data, Implement Processes Faster And Achieve Higher Productivity .

Customers expect luxury brands to keep their promise of quality, uniqueness and exclusivity, which should make them feel special. To educate and influence their audience in a perfectly designed environment, brands cannot do without physical stores . Take your brand’s in-store experience to the next level! Newcomer to the luxury market, Philipp Plein deploys an aggressive strategy and opens store after store. His plan is to “follow the money” and therefore be where the rich are. Traditional houses like Hermès, in order to keep their image of uniqueness and exclusivity intact , also take a long time to go digital, ensuring that consumers always want their products.

Luxury marketers are certainly not giving up on physical stores. In fact, they are set to revolutionize in-store marketing to make the most of this emotional environment by incorporating the influence of digitalization. Brands are now optimizing every technique and every tool at their disposal. Every square meter of the store must become the basis of an unforgettable customer experience. It requires well thought out and carefully staged in-store marketing. 6 techniques that will make you an expert at in-store marketing Retailtainment: use of atmosphere, emotion, sound and activity to create the desire to buy

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