A key subject in the market, digital transformation affects all sectors of activity, and should not be taken lightly. At a time when innovation is essential to the survival of companies, have you really realized the impact of digitalization on your organization? We do not digitalize simply to digitalize! This new phenomenon is a key lever for improving your performance. You must understand all the issues involved in this transformation by defining a global vision of digital within your company. In this constantly changing environment, it becomes essential for your business to make this transition a success. This article shows you the winning steps for a successful digital transformation. Summary  The top priority is to create value.

A digital transformation: where to start? Ask yourself the right questions ! The 5 winning stages Step 1: Establish an inventory Step 2: Model management / production processes Step 3: Establish a strategy Step 4: Digitization of the Iran Phone Number List process Step 5: Measure and adapt The benefits of digitization Define your strategy with SQUIRREL. The top priority is to create value. Just look at the figures published over the past few years to see the concrete benefits of starting a digital transformation: 40% of companies that have succeeded in their digital transformation observe an improvement 44% of companies believe they are improving operational efficiency 41% of companies see better customer relations thanks to new communication channels Source: “Digital transformation: key figures” Socialy, infographic, 2018 A digital transformation: where to start?


The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

Ask yourself the right questions ! Ask yourself the right questions Getting started in a digital transition is not trivial, before committing to an action plan, you must ask yourself the right questions. The most important thing is to stay consistent so that you don’t get a false start. Building a foundation, rather than going headlong into this transition, is the key to success. So what are these questions! “Should I call in a specialist?” In the integration of a digital project, the human factor is essential, because each new technology will impact your employees. To optimize your transformation, it is important to call on the right people , whether inside or outside your company. If you don’t have any skills, hiring digital transformation specialists could be the solution.

This external actor will help you optimize your systems and train your employees globally. He could also pinpoint needs you haven’t identified and make sure today’s choices don’t hamper your future plans. “What will be the impact of my digital transformation on my corporate culture?” The goal of digital is to create richer links between you and your stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers). The challenge here is to know how to integrate digital into your corporate culture , since its inception. It is therefore important to consider the needs of your employees and customers at the start of the process. In addition, there is no point in embarking on a digital transformation if your corporate culture is not in line with your projects.

A Digital Transformation: Where To Start?

What is certain is that the new economy has a lot to offer organizations that manage to integrate digital culture into their process. “How can we ensure that the digital transformation underway stays on course for the long term? ” After having started a digital transformation, the different departments of your company will want to optimize their service thanks to digital. At this point, one should not let his entities develop independently. You have to set up a common culture and define a roadmap for your digitalization strategy that each department will have to follow, all supervised by an entity dedicated to digital. You will need to allocate a sufficient budget for the development and continuity of your project. The 5 winning stages As I told you earlier, a digital transformation is not easy to implement.

This is why we have defined 6 steps for you to follow to make your transition successful. winning stages Step 1: Establish an inventory This is the information and consultation phase , which will allow you to highlight the needs of your business. Here, you will have to determine what your digitization will consist of. Thanks to an assessment of your activity, you will be able to identify whether your company has already started a digitalization process, and if it is effective. It is about taking stock of what has been put in place and identifying what you need to improve your business and your performance. At this stage, it is important to analyze the needs of your employees and customers to define the most suitable solutions. But an internal analysis is not enough.

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