You just have to fill in the name of the project and select the country with the drop-down list then click on “create a project” Add project then select country 5 – Once on the project, a new page is displayed. Click on the icon “Add Firebase to your Estonia Phone Numbers List Android application” (circled in red on the photo) add firebase to android application 6 – Fill in the “package name of your Android application”. To do this, you will have to ask the developer, then click on “Save the application” give package name then save application 7 – Download the “google-service-json” file (keep the file to integrate it into the application) using the button and click on “Continue” Download google-service json 8 – Click on done.

We hope to have been clear! However, if you have any requests or comments to send us, do not hesitate to contact us using the button below. We are continuing our tutorials on the right foot, this time with help to create mobile tracking tracking on Google Analytics . Very important if you want to measure the performance of your application , through statistics and even in real time. Didier, one of our developers explains here the process to install tracking: Let’s start You must first have a Google account , then go to Google Analytics . Once logged in: Summary You will find yourself on the home page, then click on Administration, at the bottom left On the administration page.

Estonia Phone Numbers List

Tailor-made training including on XAMARIN.

In order to develop its mobile application , whether in business or solo, we must position ourselves on the choice of platform and development environment having as reference points: the development costs and the performance of the software solution. Summary Choice I: Native development Choice II – As an alternative, cross-platform development Choice III – XAMARIN What are the main advantages of XAMARIN? Choice I: Native development Devoting two different teams to develop and maintain your mobile application is often the choice made. Optimal response time and the ability to push personalization to the max is why decision makers always strive for this possibility.

Disadvantages: The cost of development is the major constraint on this choice. In addition, a double team management, management of deadlines, costs and technical constraints must be done for each development. Native technology development Choice II – As an alternative, cross-platform development Software solutions that use the combination of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and often PhoneGap (Cordova) represent the ideal alternative to bypass the high development costs but also to simplify the process of development and evolution of mobile applications. The evolution of these solutions which benefit from the power of JavaScript in order to communicate with the native functionalities of the smartphone (Geolocation, sensors, etc.) are the strength of cross-platform technologies.

Ability to test applications on multiple smartphones online with XAMARIN Test Cloud XAMARIN Test Cloud

Cons: Technically, these solutions use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to build an app similar to the native mobile app . In many cases, this produces latency and performance issues. In addition, the inability to use the native UI components of each mobile platform means that certain changes to the user interface are not possible. Cross-platform technology development Choice III – XAMARIN Unlike many native mobile development alternatives, Xamarin isn’t just a development framework. Xamarin represents a solution that covers learning, development and deployment, application lifecycle management (ALM), continuous integration, automated tests and finally crash analytics. Xamarin Code shared C # Visual Studio is the IDE for developing and deploying mobile applications with Xamarin on Windows and Mac.

The idea behind Xamarin is to be able to develop and evolve native mobile applications using the C # language. The major difference with cross-platform development is that Xamarin binds with native Android and iOS libraries at UI component level and each time produces a native application with compilation techniques similar to those used in iOS and Android applications. : AOT (Ahead Of Time) for iOS and JIT (Just In Time) for Android which pushes the performance of the application to the maximum. digital agency mobile development ios android What are the main advantages of XAMARIN? 1. Optimized performance: Compilation, native UI components

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