Decolonizing thought, maximalism, ethics and antidesign will take center stage in the coming year a few weeks before the start of 2022, it is common to read articles about trends and orientations. Many of us need information about the direction our performance areas will take. It is, according to the graphic designer specialized in typographic design and art direction for editorial design, javier alcaraz javieralcaraz , a useful exercise to guide some decisions, as long as it comes from a deep and global reflection of the panorama that is introduces us to the present. In general, observes the specialist, design trend lists are usually simplified through two resources either announcing a revival , the return of something that was successful at least 20 years ago, or announcing a contrast, something that goes directly against what had been promulgated the previous year.


Focusing on Elements That Were Excluded

But why does what returns come back and jewelry retouch service why do oppositions arise and where do the rest of the trends emerge javier, who is also the founder of the elcerezo studio with which he develops editorial publications, identity projects and typographic production for clients such as google, the mexican ministry of culture, tetrapack, forbes, storytel or readers digest, reflects on what could come in the nearest future. Some works by javier alcaraz. A decolonial perspective the idea of ​​adopting a decolonial perspective is based on the recognition of a matrix of power from the economic. From the political, from knowledge and also from sexuality and gender. The designer explains that, as we discover and recognize the predominance of the heterosexualwhitewestern in more areas, we understand that design is also trapped within this system of control.

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Add to This List the Typographic Designer Saki Mafundikwa

This control is expressed through the ways of AGB Directory representing. The imposition of the eye, of the visual, over all senses. The idea of ​​beauty. What are the ways to escape this logic or at least to start. Opening other games some of the trends indicated below could reflect this search that will. Mark design in the shortmedium term. These are, for him, six trends that will stand out in the design universe in 2022. 1. The exaltation of diversity. The exploration of ancestral cultures and the growing interest in. Nonwestern cultures, that is, in aesthetics that are not based exclusively on. European canons, is something that. According to javier alcaraz, we have already begun to see and will continue to see in the future.

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