Panda , Penguin or Pigeon, have you ever heard these names for Google’s algorithms? They refer to changes and updates to Google’s algorithm. The most important is called Hummingbird or colibri in French. This is the official name Sierra Leone Email List given in September 2013 to the web giant’s algorithm to designate its most precise and fastest tool. Because Google changes its algorithm more than 500 times a year, marketers need to be very adaptable to maintain good SEO. This phenomenon is not, in fact, about to stop since the growing number of users is acting directly on the changes in our research mode.

The increase in searches on our phones and voice searches are examples of this. Google’s definition of Google’s algorithm : When you ask Google a question, you want that question answered, not billions of web pages. That’s why Google’s ranking systems sort through the index’s hundreds of billions of web pages to provide you with useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second. These systems rely on various algorithms that analyze your research and determine what information should be displayed to you.  Have you ever heard of the PageRank criterion ? While the word “rank” means SEO, the word Page comes from the name of one of Google’s founders, Larry Page.

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Google changes its algorithm 500 times a year

The PageRank tool allows Google to rank web pages by studying the links between pages to determine their relevance. If the PageRank of a site was previously accessible to all, this is no longer the case because many webmasters used it to manipulate Google’s algorithms in order to improve the SEO of their own website. According to Google, algorithms are the processes and computer formulas that take your questions and turn them into answers. Google Dance does exist, but it’s not a dance game Google Dance is the name for sudden SEO changes back when Google’s algorithm was undergoing major updates every month. In 2003, Google stopped applying these important updates every month to its algorithm in order to make more comprehensive and discreet adjustments for the public.

Algorithms are increasingly good at finding images Google Pixel 3 XL smartphoneGoogle Pixel 3 XL smartphone The Pixel smartphone produced by Google has many good features, such as its excellent and particularly noticed camera. Google explains that the camera has “exceptional software algorithms” from Pixel’s HDR + algorithm which allows high quality photos to be taken despite movement or even lighting. This smartphone shows the progress of Google’s algorithms to deliver the best possible images to users. It’s on the Cloud Vision API, the technology that allows Google to analyze and determine the content of images that everything is based.

PageRank is the algorithm named after the co-founder of Google

Google has developed algorithms that can read different pieces of information on different web pages at indescribable speed and determine the likelihood of them being able to answer your question. They can also know if the content is recent or still relevant to your location and the security of your computer. Conclusion Following the evolution of Google’s algorithms is essential to maintain and optimize your SEO. To follow these changes in algorithms and understand how they work, you can consult Google’s guide to how search works . There are also SEO tools to detect the evolution of algorithms. You can also rely on an agency specializing in SEO to support you. Want to learn more about algorithms? The articles below will please you!

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