Step 3: Establish a strategy Based on your inventory, you will need to determine what remains to be done and in what order, as well as the possible consequences. Objectives should be defined to be achieved in order to create a strategic roadmap. Your strategy must Japan Phone Number List be tailor-made for your business and its activity so that it is optimal. When this strategy is put in place, it will be necessary to ensure the commitment of management and the organization in this digitalization project. Step 4: Digitization of the process Following the analysis of your activity, you will see ideas for tools and processes that you want to adopt in your organization.

This type of transformation almost always requires combining several connectivity solutions (a website, a mobile application, etc.). It is therefore impossible to set everything up at the same time. In this phase, you will digitize step by step and adopt a proactive behavior, thanks to the “Test and Learn” strategy, that is to say to try, adapt and constantly evolve in a digital environment. Step 5: Measure and adapt It is imperative to measure the results of your actions in order to adjust the changes made if necessary. You will be able to assess the consequences and the impact of the policy implemented in the company, through an analysis of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator). Such as the agility indicator, the customer indicator, the development of your business or your operational excellence.


A Website Is A Showcase Available 24/7

The benefits of digitization The transformation brings significant benefits to your activity and greatly contributes to its improvement, through several axes: High productivity: Work becomes smoother thanks to better management of your processes and information, and you would have easier access to powerful tools that will promote the work of your employees, communication, collaborations and thus the flow of work within of your company. Data Analysis: Collecting and tracking your data is simplified and allows for better analysis of your data. Automation of tasks: The automation of tasks with low added value is now possible thanks to various tools, so your employees will be more active on other value-creating tasks.

Improving the quality of service: New tools are available to improve the customer experience by offering them autonomy, availability and speed of services. Define your strategy with SQUIRREL define the strategy Success depends on your ability to define and stick to the strategy you have put in place. Respect each of the previous steps and be in line with your corporate culture, so your transition will go smoothly. In order to be more efficient in your digitalization and stand out from the competition, do not hesitate to call on SQUIRREL, an expert in digital transformation. This could be the boost your project needs!A seasoned website is worth 10! If you want to take charge of the digital transformation of your business and if you want to know more about the subject, download our free guide: start the digital transformation of your business!

Easy And Unlimited Dissemination Of Information

Today, having a website is the key to long term prosperity. This digital tool makes it possible to be in contact with customers. It is an essential tool in digital transformation along with many other tools. It is also about investment, the return on investment (ROI) must then be positive. Obviously, the effectiveness of a website is measured over the medium to long term. However, depending on the strategy adopted, you can achieve measurable results in the short term. To understand why it is essential to have a website, here are 4 advantages to know.

Summary  Cover a growing clientele and gain credibility Better understand your customer The storefront is the first thing a customer looks at in a store. This is the representation of your business, it reflects an image to the public. A poorly maintained storefront can lose customers. Thus, it must be impeccable and give confidence to visitors. The same is also the case for a website. You have to make the right choices in order to attract and keep Internet users. The site should reflect your values ​​and highlight the benefits you bring to visitors.

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