AGB NEWS Over the years of its know-how, the Baume & Mercier house has been able to reinvent itself and even position itself as a pioneer in the market. Our collaboration on this project is part of the same momentum and creates a world first in Georgia Email List the world of watchmaking, an interactive virtual fitting experience in real time and in the browser (without a mobile application). Formulation of customer needs Pierre: To start the project, we first of all collect the client’s needs. To understand not only what their expectations are but also their restrictions. We also specify this need in order to develop a defined planning. Study of user needs Pierre: The collection of customer needs results from the study of user needs.

End users of the virtual watch try-on. This is to understand what their behaviors are, which will facilitate their experience and understanding. The way in which they instinctively position their arm when trying on, the hand on which they would try the watch, the angle of view from which they are filming themselves etc. Baume & Mercier announces the new virtual try-on feature on Instagram Preliminary experiments Pierre: We then carry out tests on the selected hypotheses in order to validate or invalidate certain leads. We are exploring several axes to determine which one (s) to pursue. To select the right avenue to explore, we choose the solution that appears to be the most feasible, qualitative and optimal.

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Its Particularity Is That Being Within A Company,

Generation and collection of new data Pierre: Once this is established, the goal is to generate and collect data in order to start a machine learning process. Here, the machine is given as many cases as possible so that it can recognize them when they present themselves and know where to position the watch even when the user is making movements. We therefore feed the algorithm with several images with different conditions which are meant to be representative of the variety of user behaviors. I mage : Countryside Instagram Baume & Mercie r with @lukas_hof Iteration and optimization Pierre: Then we analyze how the algorithm reacts and if it reacts well, we detect the problems to correct them and start the operation again.

This is where the iteration process begins in order to get each time an improved version that addresses a wider variety of cases, or is more qualitative. Module implementation Pierre: Finally, when we have achieved an operational result that suits the customer, we implement the product modeling, then we integrate the complete experience with the customer. What did you like the most about this project? Olivier : I first enjoyed working for an iconic house on an iconic watch. Then, in general, what I appreciated the most is taking up this innovation challenge. To adapt an artistic vision to a completely new and different environment and to always go a little further in the possibilities of customer interaction. This compromise that had to be found on lighting is the perfect example.

Our Research Unit Focuses On Issues Such As Virtual Try-ons, Decimation And Rendering.

Also, I liked providing a “turnkey” solution since it can be directly integrated into the product pages of the customer’s website, all you have to do is add a “try the watch” button and the solution works directly in the browser. . Image : Mobile screenshot of the riviera product page with the “virtual try-on implemented” button Rock : For my part, what I appreciated the most about this project is being in an innovation and R&D process directly with the customer. That is, here instead of harvesting the needs of the market and starting the research process, we were able to directly harvest the needs of a client and a particular case. The same goes for returns and validation steps.

It changes everything! Although we had worked on the Virtual Try-on without markers before, it was very motivating to do it in collaboration with a client. First of all, the basic objective was stimulating: to participate in a world first, to make a virtual try-on in real time on a timepiece. Second, I particularly enjoyed working in project mode. To follow from A to Z and see the result is quite rewarding. Finally what I appreciate is especially the opportunities that it brings. Having succeeded in doing a try-on without markers for this product opens up many horizons for other fields of application, other products.Manuals by definition, crafts are the object of laudatory attention.

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