This clearly explains why the company has dedicated an entire department to esports and marketing innovation. In 2012, the fashion magazine Arena Homme + published a photo shoot of Final Fantasy characters dressed in Prada which paved the way for the development of partnerships between esport and luxury marketing. One of the most notable recent collaborations is that between Louis Vuitton and the video game MOBA League of Legends . It was in 2019 that this traditional house designed a capsule collection of skin for gaming and for real life, thus validating this marketing strategy with luxury marketers. Other luxury brands have also exploited this strategy.

This year Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui collaborated with popular Nintendo game Animal Crossing to search for in-game avatars. Players can shop and choose their favorite outfits. In the context of containment, this action allowed Cameroon WhatsApp Number List trendy fashion demographics to build their style, shop and show off their looks at least virtually. But the tactics weren’t limited to just the look. Animal Crossing players could even pamper their characters with items created by Parfums Givenchy and Gillette Venus . For a more realistic effect, Venus even allowed users to add human characteristics to their avatars, including freckles, acne, cellulite, and stretch marks! Virtual beauty with Givenchy in Animal Crossing; Source: Elle .

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Which Offers Users An Immersive Shopping Experience, Using Certain Equipment.

What to do for winning esport marketing Choose your esport carefully as audiences vary. Involving luxury brands in game sponsorships is not enough. As with influencer marketing, this is not a goal in and of itself. What marketers need to do is identify the best game for them and set goals and deliverables that are aligned with their brand vision. Each esport has its specific audience and characteristics that attract a particular type of fan. It is therefore crucial to choose carefully the vector of a global campaign. Research has shown that fans of different types of video games are interested in different products and have different triggers .

The research identified 4 categories and their particularities: Fans of mature esports , such as CS: GO and League of Legends, are interested in ecommerce and business. Fans of newer esports , like Fortnite, place a premium on their appearance. Fans of sports simulation games , like FIFA, care about their health. Fans of niche esports , like StarCraft II, enjoy comfortable living and are passionate about knowledge, science fiction, and entertainment. Before deciding which video game to partner with, marketers must first check how their brand’s audience and that of esports can resonate. Check the scope and numbers for each game.

Analytic All 3 Platforms Offer Marketers Insights Into User Behaviors ,

The esport figures (number of fans who watch a competition, users following streaming, hours watched) are at first glance impressive. Nonetheless, if you pay more attention to it, you might find that the geographic spread isn’t the right one for your brand, or that the actual audience you’re trying to reach is significantly smaller. In such a case, the sponsorship budget might not be justified. To make sure they’re making the right choice, marketers will need to carefully analyze the numbers and see what is behind them to decide if there is a presumption of return on investment.

Stay authentic and relevant. Consumers have become very sensitive to the way brands approach them: they reject anything that lacks credibility and seems too laborious. The players are no strangers to this attitude. Much like festival-goers, they expect sponsors to be relevant and to provide useful services and attractive incentives. This is why it is crucial to ensure that your brand’s involvement in esports leads to fun and engaging activities that enrich the overall gaming ecosystem. Assess the risks. Video games are entertaining and stimulating, but some are also violent and some are even accused of being sexist. These pose certain threats to brand associations that must be taken into account.

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