Depending on the sector, but also the level of appetite of artisans for this new knowledge, they will develop more or less quickly. If the digital revolution in this sector brings with it an indisputable change, let us not forget that the generalization of mechanization in workshops in the 20th century also forced the crafts to rethink their methods without doing so. disappear. Thus, the threat of the disappearance of fine crafts, which was brandished when the first technologies appeared in the workshops, has since turned into a much more positive and ambitious vision. Still, this digitization carries with it a deep paradigm. Where it was assumed that the transmission of knowledge was necessarily downward, from the master to the pupil, now it is the young apprentices, who have left training, who bring new knowledge to the workshops.

At the repetition of the gesture, they graft the need to constantly renew the aesthetic codes. To manufacturing secrets, they respond to Hungary Phone Number List a collaborative approach . Craftsmen who are new to the arts and crafts now have new skills and competences that their elders do not master. Image Credit : Bulgari Under the decisive influence of new technologies, the craft industry is therefore now experiencing an inversion of its model. If this acceleration is destabilizing, let us remember that the doors of the workshops have never been closed to progress for very long.

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We Like To Build With The Customer, Because We Are Nourished

In each era, their know-how has been challenged, challenged, increased. Digital is ultimately just a new stage in the history of their permanent revolution. It took 15 years for the luxury market to no longer undergo the digital transformation but to embrace it. Watchmaking and jewelry, but also haute couture, are now fully benefiting from the tools born of the digital revolution. It remains to find the right balance between innovation and manual production: a challenge still for many craftsmen. We are a service and consulting agency specializing in 3D. Our goal is to support brands in their creation of a digital experience for their customers. Hugo: Product Strategy One of our strongest convictions is that it is essential to create emotion in order to create value.

Our 3D experiences allow the customer to interact online with the product to better perceive its details, value, characteristics. The 2 most important things for us during our services: listening and pragmatism. Listening: to be as close as possible to the needs of brands, in order to remain relevant, to soak up their universe as best as possible to be able to transcribe it, to take an interest in the creative process behind the product to highlight its elements of differentiation. Pragmatism: Always in this desire to be anchored in the reality of the customer, its objectives, its problems, its processes, we propose feasible solutions and with real impact. This is also how our expertise is expressed in our verticals of choice, such as jewelry – jewelry and watchmaking among others.

These Exchanges, But Also Because That Is How We Perform The Most.

Expertise at the service of excellence We are an international team of enthusiasts and curious people, who develop new cloud and 3D tools. Creators of innovative solutions at the cutting edge of digital technologies, we are committed to creating unique experiences for the commerce of tomorrow. True digital goldsmiths, our teams put daring and creativity at the service of their know-how. Maxime: 3D designer We derive our expertise in 3D from our love of precision, research and innovation. Our business expertise on our preferred verticals (jewelry, jewelry, watchmaking among others) we draw from our experiences.

By listening and from project to project, we have succeeded in gaining a better understanding of these professions, their issues, their languages, their process. By taking a step back from this, we wanted to develop solutions that correspond to them, by trying to put themselves in their shoes, to anchor themselves in their reality, in their daily life, in their challenges. A culture of innovation We are an innovative company, we offer innovative solutions for innovative customer experiences and we are also innovative in our processes. Hugo: 3D designer Within the company, we have a research unit made up of 6 people, including 2 PhDs in computer science and mathematics.

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