How To Stimulate The Purchasing the use of configurators can stimulate the purchasing process. With increasingly advanced support in browsers and increasing connection speeds, 3D interactive elements have taken over the web. Connected to an illustrative Kenya WhatsApp Number List role at first, designers now have a number of options to use 3D effectively in their creations. Our role is to be a prescriber if the customer experience warrants it. The current health crisis demonstrates once again that brands have a significant card to play.

The French have made greater use of online orders ( + 15.6% increase in e-commerce sales for mass consumption – source: Nielsen Reasearch) during this episode of confinement. More attracted to online shopping in this period, the latter could turn to e-commerce for its other advantages such as saving time , simplicity of purchase , in a more usual way. Ditto for products with a higher commitment, such as in the world of luxury for example. The user must be able to discover, see personalize the product before proceeding to the purchase. It is therefore essential for brands and distributors to develop an adapted and personalized e-commerce experience .

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As a designer, we have a key role to play in the success of a good 3D configurator . Creating a user experience in line with the brand and customer expectations is essential for building a relationship of trust between all players . The 2020 health crisis shows us once again that the personalization and interactive visualization of products are the new realities of today. However, we must not forget to take into account the expectations of users, before “imposing” on them a tool or a system that is discouraged from their real needs. Work in “design thinking” before any stage of design is necessary to aim right. It’s a safe bet that brands are on a war footing to offer more realistic experiences online.

Hopefully they will make good use of it to support fair trade values, both respectful of suppliers but also of end customers. In my series of watches on e-commerce sites , I stay on the lookout for achievements that combine the power of 3D and user experience. Like any other marketing event, live streams need to be seriously prepared, rehearsed, and even scripted before airing. Otherwise, accidents can happen. Like, for example, the mishap of host Jiaqi Li, nicknamed the “king of lipstick,” who found out firsthand that the high-end non-stick pan he was promoting actually attached a lot.

Formulas That Sales Professionals Typically Use For Their Spreadsheets.

Another example owed to Jiaqi: At the request of his followers, Jiaqi tested Hermès’ new lipstick collection and it turned out to be a disaster. Influencer Jiaqi Li fiercely slammed Rouge Hermès on his live streaming channel Taobao , which garnered more than 12 million views. The public immediately reacted with “more interested”, “to pass”, “he looks sick”. Live streaming can therefore be dangerous and unpredictable for a brand. KOL versus celebrities While the celebrities can have more followers, these are the KOL that make reputations by providing interesting content and interacting with their audience .

This is because influencers are more accustomed to pitching and reviewing products, especially in their own fields, and they have more time to devote to live streaming sessions, making them better candidates for such campaigns. Naturally, the winning combination will be to have a KOL and a celebrity as co-hosts who will discuss their favorite products and showcase the items they have chosen from a brand’s new collection. You can create your own KOLs Working with established influencers is extremely useful, but sometimes it is also beneficial to develop your own key opinion leaders.

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