Regarding its evolution, aby mentions that coolhuntermx went through various formats before becoming a digital medium, “a tumblr that became a blog, that became a digital platform that is constantly renewed in order to provide valuable content. Publish things that are really worthwhile ”he points out. Spontaneous generation the documentary that traces design in mexico 6 starting as a tumblr, coolhuntermx is one of the most relevant digital media in the world of design. The challenges of running an independent digital media being an independent media outlet in mexico is not an easy thing, with the lack of investment in independent publications and the challenges of obtaining support to finance the operation, aby mentions that the experience, although it has been enriching, is, without a doubt, exhaustive.


Covering Little More Than a Decade of Design

On this, he points out “at a time when the media philippines photo editor is going through many issues to stay alive. Today we are all content producers and in matters of investment in advertising, which is what the media live off of, there is still a lot to do, he says. Although the work has been hard, coolhuntermx has not only managed to survive in a precarious context for digital media, but has also managed to become a reference medium for those who seek to discover national talent. Speaking about the growth of the platform, aby mentions “beyond the numbers, I can say that coolhuntermx is a benchmark in the creative area. Agencies, public relations professionals and even brands come to our platforms in search of new talent and new themes to implement in their own areas.

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Production of Spontaneous Generation Was a Challenge

We have a pretty strong community and people AGB Directory trust our content.” spontaneous generation the documentary that traces design in mexico 8 featuring interviews with designers, curators, and platform creators, the documentary addresses the evolution of design in mexico. Spontaneous generation, celebrating big as design is one of the most relevant areas for coolhuntermx, the decision to carry out a project with the main figures in the industry was, in a way, a natural matter. As aby points out, “we have published, since its inception, many designers who are now important personalities. We have seen the growth and professionalization of the industry.” in that sense, spontaneous generation , in addition to being an exhaustive mapping of design in mexico, was a way of providing support to the designers that coolhuntermx saw grow.

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