Today we are going to see together how you could bring any project to life by following 3 essential steps. The method I suggest to you is the one presented in the excellent “ Manage your tribe ” , which I recommend you read. Contrary to Albania Email List the common thought which pushes to speak of objective ( ie a point that one would like to reach without any certainty of reaching it ), we are going to speak of result ( you must achieve it no matter what ). project result You have to be absolutely clear on what you want to achieve, both with your interlocutors and with yourself. As an example, we will imagine that your project consists in wanting to create an online gaming site.

To define your result you will have to clearly define what you want to have in the end, say in this case: an online games site, multiplayer, with 10 interactive games and a forum, which will receive 150 subscribers on the day of its opening. Here it is, the desired result is clear, quantified, everyone can understand it and it is perfectly achievable. Now the question is how to get this result, which brings us to step 2: forecasting actions. Since we want to have a website, we are going to need to design it, integrate it, code the features, reference it and promote it. As we are talking about games, we will have to write a regulation. And since there is a multiplayer aspect and a forum.

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Stage 1 of the project: knowing how to define the result.

It will also be necessary to moderate the content, provide support and manage a community. We can go even further by saying that we have to create games in a specific technology, design sounds, create animations and test the site in different browsers and on different platforms. list the actions of your project If you think your list is comprehensive, feel free to check it by doing reverse thinking. Ask yourself what you will have at the end of the accomplishment of each of these actions and compare with the desired result to verify that you have not omitted any detail. Once everything is there, there is one question to ask yourself: with what? Step 3: Think about the necessary resources. This step is all the more important since it is the one that will really decide your success.

An absolute rule is to tell yourself over and over again that YOU should not be your own resource. There are a lot of project leaders with excellent ideas who go head to head in the realization without wondering if they could not delegate some of the tasks or who assume that we will necessarily say no to them. Too often this results in exhaustion ( in wanting to accomplish everything yourself in too short a timeframe ) or personal ruin ( by having invested every last penny, sometimes by having mortgaged his own house ) while taking the time to find allies, we could have succeeded without collateral damage. the resources for his project In this case, we should find a person capable of carrying out each action: a graphic designer, an integrator, a developer, an SEO expert, an editor, a community manager …

Step 2: List the actions to be performed.

Or why not a web agency capable of doing all this by team . We must not stop the resources to the actors, we must also think technical and technological and cash (do we need funds? At what level? Personal, private or crowdfunding investment? ). Small tip: a resource can very well be the result of another project. For example, if you have everything you need with the exception of a community manager , could “training someone to be a community manager” be an outcome for which you would have the opportunity to take action?

( train or send for training ) and gather the resources ( a motivated person and a budget for training )? By designing your project through these 3 steps, the only risk you take is that of the human factor ( for example if a financial partner withdraws, if your coder falls ill, etc. ). It will then be all the easier to get around the difficulties and not fail. If you want to take your project to another level, or if you feel like you are heading for failure, take a break, redefine the result to be achieved, reread the actions to be carried out, ask yourself if they can be completed or replaced by others and verify that you have the resources or a solution to obtain them.

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