The digital world is vast and there are many ways to enter this new era. Getting out of the game becomes both more complicated and easier. Why ? Well, because there are new technologies that allow us to take this step. To overcome it, you must have clearly identified your objectives and tasks to achieve them, at the risk of finding yourself Hong Kong Phone Number List lost in the digital world. If you are still hesitating to take the plunge, find in this article 3 reasons to invest in digital. Summary  1) Website 2) mobile application III – Have a strong ROI  The future is here and we have already set foot in the digital transition.

Today, according to Digital Report, we are 4.39 billion Internet users worldwide. In France, 92% of our population is online (+ 5.5%). The French spend an average of 4h35 on the Internet per day. 64.7 million people have a telephone subscription in France, which represents almost the entire French population. These figures show us that digital, although you may be wondering, is indeed present and tends to grow very quickly. You will notice that online consumption continues to grow and the companies that have understood it are becoming more and more profitable since in 2019, the figure displayed by e-commerce is $ 1.8 trillion. Today, we differentiate between marketing and digital marketing.


I – Some Figures On Digital

There was a time when differentiating these 2 methods was plausible but not anymore, digital marketing is marketing itself! On the digital level, there are many possibilities available to you. Creating a website is the first step taken by many businesses and it is undoubtedly the best choice to make at first. Take its actions as a long-term investment. 1) Website Having a website optimizes your chances of being noticed by the general public . When we know that online consumption continues to increase, why avoid it? Your website is also your showcase which, in a way, exhibits your knowledge, your know-how and your interpersonal skills.

website Having a website will also allow you to put your marketing and sales actions at the center of your strategy. Indeed, you will be able to use a number of tools to best communicate with your customers, so you can use emailing, social networks, lead generation, content marketing and many tools. that still exist. It is therefore a more than recommended way to optimize your digitization. 2) mobile application Depending on your field of activity and your strategy, you can opt for the creation of a mobile application which must, if you have a website, be different from the latter. The development of a mobile application must be based on a finding of demand in your market, how would your app be useful to your customers? Why do they have to use it?

Ii – Being Able To Adapt To New Trends

With the application , you will increase your value, your customer engagement, and thus you will stand out from the competition. The mobile application and the website are the 2 suitable means to launch your business digitalization. III – Have a strong ROI Digital marketing is more profitable than traditional marketing and offers better conversion rates. Digitize yourself, whatever your strategy is no longer there, no less engaging the company in a certain return on investment. Your strategy must include SMART objectives that will allow you to focus your actions. In addition, with digital your actions are measurable! By taking into account a lot of parameters that allow you to gauge the range of your companion, this allows you to rectify the situation and especially to understand where the problem comes from.

Return on investment Attention: To digitize is not to have a Facebook page! We hear that often but know that you are rushing straight into a wall, because yes social networks are fully part of digital but they alone are not enough. Finally, the need for equipment is rather low for such important issues. The cost / benefit ratio is more than acceptable in the long term. Digitization is a process that does not happen overnight, it is a strategy built on fundamentals that are used to develop little by little.A website is not an expense but an investment and any investment must have a positive return over time.


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