If they dont pay you well, even if you really like what you do, leave it, he says. 5. Work against the clock, a tip from carlos pacheco carlos pacheco , one of the first spanish cartoonists to work for marvel and dc, believes that it is necessary to learn to be a professional before being a professional. And this means essentially, pacheco recommends that you work with the goal of doing the best possible job in a given amount of time. To do this, he sets deadlines, works against the clock and tries to achieve the best result with the time available. Carlos pacheco also has a domestika course on how to trace the narrative and graphic production of a superhero comic. You can check it at this link.


We Are All Creative, a Piece of Advice From Enric Huguet

Do not forget ethics, advice from pilar aymerich photojournalist image manipulation service pilar aymerich has worked throughout her career for publications such as triunfo, destino, cambio 16, el país, fotogramas and qué leer. And there is something that she has not abandoned him ethics. It is precisely this advice that she wants to pass on to anyone who is dedicated to something creative in ethics there is a red line that if you cross it you are lost.

Find first and then seek, a tip from cruz novillo pepe cruz novillo is one of the pioneers of the graphic identity of spain and a key figure in the renewal of the countrys image during the transition period. For him, one of the phrases that has marked his career is that of georges braque who says I first find, and then I search.

image manipulation service

Enric Huguet is Known as One of the Fathers of Graphic Design,

A phrase that the designer recommends to anyone AGB Directory who asks him for advice. Cruz novillo is the coauthor of the domestika course two and threedimensional corporate identity, where you can learn to redesign the corporate image of a large company. 8. The most important team is not the one you think, advice from isabel muñoz the photographer isabel muñoz has won two world press photo thanks to her social commitment and search for beauty.

Which has led her to portray everything from classical ballet to great apes or maras in el salvador. And if theres one thing shes learned throughout her career, its that the most important piece of equipment isnt a camera. What you first have to have is a good team with your eyes, your heart and your emotion.

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