The purpose of content marketing is to create and offer valuable content customized for your audience. It should attract, engage and convert your visitors – basically it should carry them down the marketing funnel. That’s where video marketing comes in. There are so many opportunities for you to offer your audience video content throughout the buyer’s journey – videos that will help educate them, make it easy to trust your brand, and move them to a purchase decision faster. Without further ado, here are the top 15 types of video content that will help carry your consumers down the marketing funnel:

The Top of the Funnel Is All About Awareness Through

And seduction. In marketing, you can use the form of fun and informative free-content to achieve your means. Here are a few examples of video content for the awareness stage: 1. Brand Films The purpose of brand films is to acquaint your audience Netherlands Phone Number with your values, visions and ultimately the core of your brand. You can get your brand across using visuals, sounds and storytelling in a way that would be impossible through any other medium. Here’s an awe-inspiring brand video by Samsung: 2. Animations Videos Through animation a new dimension of your brand is created. Animation provides visual and emotional stimulation,

As Well as That Wow Factor That Makes Your Video Content

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Show off your brand creativity by some bite-sized video content. Think short, fun and quirky. Think vines and brief YouTube videos. Here’s an adorable animation video by Puma titled “Fatal Attraction” – those Munster shoes just can’t help themselves: 3. Educational Videos We all love learning new things. If brands find a way to make learning faster, quicker and fun, all the better! In the top of the funnel, a lot of your target audience is out there searching for new info – that’s where educational videos come in. Educational videos offer real value to your audience that they can apply to their everyday lives. For instance, this video on “SEO for Startups in Under 10 Minutes” by Google Webmasters provides excellent educational content:

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